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September 15 2011

'Joss Whedon: The Essential Companion' coming out next May. The full title of the book is "Joss Whedon: The Essential Companion: The TV Series, the Movies, the Comic Books and More: The Unofficial Guide to the Whedonverse". It looks like it collects all those Popmatters essays from earlier on this year.

April 15 2011

"I'd Very Still": Anthropology of a Lapsed Fan. A fantastic article about the old-school Buffy fandom.

April 14 2011

6 reasons why Joss Whedon is the perfect director for The Avengers. Very nice overview of what Joss brings to the table and why doubters have nothing to worry about.

April 12 2011

The Power of Fandom in the Whedonverse. PopMatters delves into an analysis of the activities and achievements of the Whedon fandom, with a focus on Whedonesque and Fans4Writers.
(SPOILER) State of the Cabin in the Woods. Popmatters Spotlight: Joss Whedon continues with a Cabin Report. More...

April 06 2011

TV's Grim Reaper: Why Joss Whedon continually kills the characters we love. Today's PopMatters essay looks at Joss' "willingness to kill off recurring characters in order to ratchet up the narrative tension and create a sense of danger".

April 05 2011

PopMatters' Joss Whedon 101s - from the Buffy movie to Angel: After The Fall. There's been a series of PopMatters essays looking at each Joss work to date . Here's the complete list so far. More...

April 04 2011

Zombies, Reavers, Butchers and Actuals in Joss Whedon's Work. A look at how the Zombie is portrayed in Buffy and Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse.

April 01 2011

Nathan Fillion misbehaves all across the Whedonverse. The latest PopMatters essay pays tribute to the Captain.

March 28 2011

Dr Horrible and Spider-Man - a comparison. It seems that they're more similar than you'd think.

March 25 2011

"What a Crazy Random Happenstance": Destiny & Free Will in Dr. Horrible. Did Billy have a choice in what he did or was it all just so inevitable?

March 24 2011

In the Buff: Sexual Conservatism in the Works of Whedon. Interesting essay with brilliant double entrendre in the title.

March 23 2011

Heroic humanism and humanistic heroism in the shows of Joss Whedon. A look at the relationship between the hero and the larger community in the context of Buffy and Firefly.

March 22 2011

Firefly and the return to human realism in tv sci-fi. Find out how the show helped to kill off the traditional tv space opera.

March 21 2011

A Postcolonial Provocation: 'Serenity'. The latest PopMatters essay analyses the Big Damn Movie.

March 19 2011

Pedagogy of the Possessed: Teaching and Learning in Buffy. What does the show have to say about education theory?

March 17 2011

"Touch Me and Die, Vermin!": The Psychoanalysis of Illyria. Get to know your favourite Old One.

March 16 2011

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Joss Whedon's true tragic hero. PopMatters continues its Spotlight on Joss Whedon series.

March 15 2011

The three faces of Anne - identity formation in Buffy and Angel. According to the author, the minor character is "Joss Whedon's prime example of humanity at its very best".

March 14 2011

Returning to the Basement: Excavating the Unconscious in Buffy's "Restless". A very detailed look at Willow, Xander, Giles and Buffy's dreams.

March 13 2011

Coming out of the broom closet: Willow's sexuality and empowerment. An examination of the journey from "a nerdy computer geek filled with heterosexual longing to powerful witch and lesbian".

March 12 2011

Failure of the Everyman: the lost character that was Xander Harris. Did his development stall in Buffy's final seasons? More...

March 11 2011

The darkness of Buffy's Passion. Rhonda V. Wilcox (of Buffy academia fame) gives commentary on one of the show's most acclaimed episodes. More...

March 10 2011

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' in the Fantasy Canon. In which the show gets analysed as part of the magic realism genre.
Women who hate women: female competition in Buffy. An analysis of the relationships between the female characters on the show.

March 08 2011

Vampires, masculinity & language in Buffy. Another essay in the PopMatters "Spotlight on Joss Whedon" series.
"Note to self, religion freaky": When Buffy met Biblical Studies. A paper that examines the ethnocentric, racist, classist and ageist charges against Buffy.

March 07 2011

Alien Resurrection - the unproduced script that shaped Joss' career. Time for another reevaluation?

March 04 2011

Why cast a spotlight on Joss Whedon? PopMatters kicks off its epic Whedonverse essay series by looking at why Joss matters. More...

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