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January 28 2008

David Greenwalt's "Profit" coming To Chiller TV in February. Before David Greenwalt created a vampire with a soul, he created a lawyer with no soul called "Profit". This short-lived series from Fox, starring Adrian Pasdar, will be shown on Chiller TV on February 18th with the first three episodes. The rest of the series, including four that were not shown, will air on an undetermined date. More...

April 27 2006

International TV Turnoff Week? No thanks! A Guardian columnist cites Buffy and David Greenwalt's Profit as examples to show why people should love their telly.

August 10 2005

A DVD review of David Greenwalt's short lived series 'Profit'. The Wolfram and Hart vibe is noted. Whedonesque posters with good memories might remember that Joss once posted saying that him and David talked having Jim Profit turn up as a Senior Partner.

June 14 2005

DVD cover art for David Greenwalt's Profit. Comes out on August 9th.

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