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"And on the day the words flimsy excuse were redefined, we stood in awe, and watched."
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October 03 2016

DIY: Replica of Mal's gun. A video walkthrough for a replica build of our favourite captain's gun. More...

December 08 2009

Bid for a Captain Mal Reynold's holster prop replica. This special one of a kind auction is being organised by the California Brownooats and all proceeds will go to The ALS Association. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.

December 03 2008

Neil Patrick Harris in 'Prop 8 the Musical'. Also starring John C Reilly, Sarah Chalke,Jack Black, the living goddess that is Alison Janney, and other famously famous people.

September 30 2007

Mal replica pistol coming from QMx. One Mal pistol just wasn't enough, so QMx is offering two. Turned out that the $250 one they originally planned was pricey for costumers and casual fans and not detailed enough for collectors, so instead they're making two models. The resin "stunt" replica is going on sale for $149.95 on Oct. 20. More...

August 25 2007

Official Ship's Papers from QMx on sale now. The Official Serenity Ship's Papers from QMx are on sale now. It's a set of 13 full-color sheets of various sizes up to 8-1/2″ x 14", designed by fan favorite replica artisan Ben "Whitefall" Mund based on designs from "Serenity" with input from "Serenity" graphic designer Geoff Mandel. More...

March 28 2007

Mr. Pointy prop replica signed. A Diamond Select Toys exclusive, Mr. Pointy is for sale at DST's store, for only $45 and signed by Bianca Lawson. Limited to only 200.

January 23 2006

Win Kaylee's wrench from Serenity (Firefly Talk contest). Other prizes include custom Firefly art, a Jayne hat, a collection of seven signed Flanvention cards, a US theater poster, and a signed BDH group photo.

December 13 2005

Win a prop from "Serenity"! "[One] lucky grand prize winner will receive an actual prop from the movie - a Certified Original Alliance Trooper Helmet..." And the Serenity movie site has a contest to win an Official Alliance Guard Uniform as well. More...

July 12 2005

Large "Firefly" prop found -- in a Vegas junkheap. LiveJournal user "Akin" recounts an April trip to Las Vegas in a lengthy photo essay. But scroll down for the punchline -- in which the author realizes, months later, that he photographed a surprisingly significant "Firefly" prop that was just lying, neglected, in a military-aircraft graveyard.

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