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July 17 2014

New QMx Buffy Maquette announced. A new Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1:10 scale polystone Buffy statue just announced to release in Q4 by QMx. Pricing TBD. Seems new BtVS merch is popping up all over.

July 11 2014

Firefly Online to present first public demo at SDCC 2014. Going to be a very shiny convention.

January 20 2014

Too pretty to die: the ultimate statue of Malcolm Reynolds. io9 have an exclusive first look at the latest QMx statue, plus there's a Firefly/X-Files poster, a "cutaway" version of Serenity and a "Leaf on the Wind" pendant.

December 12 2013

io9 offers huge glimpse at the in-progress Firefly Online game. There's a few bits that have been seen before but a whole lot that hasn't yet.

November 26 2013

QMx is having a Big Damn Sale! Quantum Mechanix has announced the details of their Black Friday sale, including what 'Verse related products they hock will be seeing their price slashed. More...

May 11 2013

QMx is now selling the Browncoats' flag and Mal's dog tags. The dog tags can be found here.

January 16 2013

Big Damn Heroes - Zoe. QMX sneak peeks the next in the Big Damn Heroes Line and it's another winner!

November 23 2012

QMx's Black Friday sale kicks off. There's a fair number of licensed Whedonverse items that have been discounted.

August 22 2012

Quantum Mechanix Inc. releases Firefly 10th anniversary celebration art print. The 27" x 40" lithograph was created by graphic designer Jeff Halsey and features Serenity's silhouette in front of a moon, as well as a quote.

July 12 2012

Pictures from QMX booth at SDCC including "Little Damn Heroes" cartoony statues of Book and Inara, Penny from Dr. Horrible and a more realistic version of Felicia Day as Codex in the Guild, and a "cut-away" model Serenity where you can lift off the roof and see into the dining room.

January 04 2012

QMX's photo shoot of the 12 foot Serenity filming miniature. As promised, pictures of the model are now up and you can get a better look at how shiny it is. A video of the miniature being filmed for the movie can be found here.

November 24 2011

Quantum Mechanix Black Friday sale includes some Whedony goodness. Starting at midnight, Quantum Mechanix will be selling the River BDH Maquette, Mule Replica, Fruity Oaty Bar girls, Penny Animated Maquette and a couple T-Shirts for at least 50% off. More...

July 14 2011

Art Nouveau Firefly prints. You can order the Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set at the QMx website. Though the Saffron one is a Comic-Con exclusive.

November 15 2010

New Serenity Bumper Stickers from QMx! Linked is "Serenity in Flight" and there is also "Engineered by Firefly."

July 20 2010

Pics of new Firefly merchandise from QMx at SDCC. Shirts, statues, and more.

July 14 2010

Dr. Horrible White Lab Coat Shirt. QMX is now offering a Dr. Horrible Lab coat t-shirt. Maybe time to start thinking about your Halloween or CSTS outfit... More...

June 18 2010

Captain Malcolm Reynolds Tonner doll available for pre-order. That'll set you back $154.99, you can also get Mal's Browncoat as an accessory for $39.99. Also available for pre-ordering are QMx's Serenity Flying Mule and River Tam Animated Maquette. TFAW are offering the Mule for $314.95 and QMx are offering the Maquette for $69.95. More...

May 24 2010

Firefly Jaynestown T-shirt. This shirt makes me smile. More...

May 17 2010

First look at the "Big Damn Hero" River Tam maquette. According to a QMx Insider tweet, "Our BDH maquettes differ from the Little Damn Heroes by offering larger statues with more detail in a more traditional Anime style".

May 11 2010

Artisan replica of Mal's Holster announced by QMX. Preorders begin on May 14th.

May 06 2010

Auction for Autographed Limited-Edition Serenity Blueprints by QMx. The prints are autographed by Geoffrey Mandel, Timothy Earls, Nathan Fillion, and Alan Tudyk. More...

April 15 2010

First look at QMx's 'Hero of Canton' t-shirt. And if you're in the mood for more QMx 'Verse goodness then pop over to Ain't It Cool. They've got a terrific feature on the company which includes some great pics of the Serenity replica.

March 12 2010

Win an autographed Serenity Atlas of the Verse. The "Slice of Sci-Fi" podcast is giving away an autographed copy of the Serenity Atlas of the Verse Volume 1. To enter, just send them an e-mail by March 28.

February 25 2010

Vid of the definitive replica of the Firefly-Class Transport, Serenity. Shipping now. Those of you on the layaway plan can see what the first owners are going to see. More...

February 07 2010

QMX announces "Atlas of the Verse: Volume One". It's the official guide to the Firefly/Serenity solar system with an introduction by Tim Minear. Will it become the must-have item for Browncoats?

January 22 2010

Firefly keychain available for pre-order. Fans were very enthused when they heard about the keychain at the start of the year. The price has now been unveiled and it's a steal at $9.95. And each one you pre-order gives you a chance to win a chrome-finished keychain (one of a kind).

November 22 2009

QMx gets Firefly, Dr. Horrible licenses. As announced yesterday at Creation's Serenity & Firefly convention, QMx now has the rights to produce collectibles for two more Whedon shows. They showed off a Dr. Horrible maquette.

October 22 2009

QMX announces the first place winner for What Serenity Means To You.

August 15 2009

Dr. Horrible and QMX interviews in podcast. Dr. Horrible stuff starts right after the intro at 1:30 and the QMX stuff starts at about 9:30. More...

August 09 2009

"The Kiss": Our Captain shows his love for the Serenity Replica. I haven't seen this posted here, so I thought y'all might like it. Nathan popped by the QMx booth during Comicon, and made a 'physical statement' about the new Serenity Replica.

August 08 2009

Win a QMX Inara's Shuttle Diorama. Express what Serenity means to you or be one of the first 1500 to follow QMxInsider on Twitter. More...

July 21 2009

At last - The Final Reveal. At long last, the Firefly Ship Works are officially releasing the details on their years in the making, screen-accurate replica of Malcolm Reynolds' own Firefly class transport ship Serenity - aka "The Big Damn Replica."

July 10 2009

Underground Artist 11th Hour Teams Up with QMx. There's a shiny new tshirt design featuring our favourite ship.

June 12 2009

Inara's Shuttle architectural cutaways of Serenity up for auction. Part of the previously unannounced set by QMx, 15 numbered test prints will go under the hammer at the LA CSTS screening.

June 09 2009

The Jayne "Thrillin' Heroics" maquette prototype CSTS Auction. QMX have outdone themselves again by donating this to the LA CSTS screening for auction which is open to all including international bidders.

May 22 2009

Blue Sun 100% Grain Alcohol t-shirts. Hmmm, not wood alcohol. stylinonline also has two new Serenity Official t-shirts. More...

April 29 2009

Name The Crappy Town Where You're a Hero. Really. Quantum Mechanix (QMx) and Austin Browncoats are having a charity auction to do just that. Be part of 'Verse history!

January 15 2009

QMX and Lexigeek's Little Damn Mal maquette on sale now. "I Aim to Misbehave," the latest in QMx's maquette line based on the Little Damn Heroes series by Adam Levermore-Rich, is now on sale. But there's less than 100 left; presales were very strong.

October 15 2008

Kaylee Maquettes finally arrive. The cute, limited-edition, animated-style maquette (or resin statue) of Kaylee comes out today at noon PST. More...

June 15 2008

Steve Anderson Can't Stop the Serenity Limited Edition poster. I think that is the state of Texas on the right so I suspect Texas Browncoats are involved. More...

April 29 2008

Serenity Valley Map to be released in May. This 30" x 26.5" lithograph will be limited to 1500 copies.

March 28 2008

"Worlds of the Alliance" - a new limited edition Serenity print. Those smart cookies over at QMX are bringing out a stunning guide to the planets of the 'Verse. It was created by Serenity graphic designer Geoffrey Mandel.

March 23 2008

32 Cities listed for 2008 Serenity Charity Screenings so far! $4,010 (Houston, Tx ) already raised towards this year's goal of over $150,000. More...

February 26 2008

Big Kev's Geek Stuff announces new QMX merchandise. Big Kev's Geek Stuff recaps their visit to Toy Fair, including an exclusive announcement about new Serenity merchandise from Quantum Mechanix. More...

November 16 2007

QMX Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack on Sale now. Shiny, ain't it. Perfect for the coffee table or gaming table. More...

November 09 2007

MWCToys reviews the Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol replica. Done with his usual attention to detail and lots of photographs. More...

August 25 2007

Official Ship's Papers from QMx on sale now. The Official Serenity Ship's Papers from QMx are on sale now. It's a set of 13 full-color sheets of various sizes up to 8-1/2″ x 14", designed by fan favorite replica artisan Ben "Whitefall" Mund based on designs from "Serenity" with input from "Serenity" graphic designer Geoff Mandel. More...

August 10 2007

Official Serenity Ship's Papers Coming Soon. QMx is coming out with an officially-licensed, leatherbound set of ship's papers. The set was designed by fan-artist Whitefall, under the supervision of Serenity graphic designer Geoff Mandel. More...

May 03 2007

New Serenity-related stuff coming from QMx. Lurking Rhythmically has the scoop on a new project from QMx and Browncoat fan-artist Whitefall. More...

January 13 2007

Coming soon - Serenity Blueprints. QMX are promising blueprints which "will be *the* definitive resource on Serenity's design, layout and systems". And get this, they'll be created by two of the Serenity movie designers, Geoffrey Mandel and Tim Earls.

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