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December 12 2013

io9 offers huge glimpse at the in-progress Firefly Online game. There's a few bits that have been seen before but a whole lot that hasn't yet.

May 11 2013

QMx is now selling the Browncoats' flag and Mal's dog tags. The dog tags can be found here.

August 22 2012

Quantum Mechanix Inc. releases Firefly 10th anniversary celebration art print. The 27" x 40" lithograph was created by graphic designer Jeff Halsey and features Serenity's silhouette in front of a moon, as well as a quote.

June 27 2012

See Nathan Fillion as you've definitely never seen him before. QMx brings a t-shirt and poster of the cap'n and a strategically placed gun holster.

May 19 2008

Firefly Ship Works, Ltd. A very cool website set up by Quantum Mechanix. It was created so fans can keep track of the progress of the large scale Serenity replica model.

April 14 2008

Global Sponsors of CSTS Charity Screenings Donations listed. Prizes! More soon... More...

August 16 2007

More pics and new info on ship's papers. A more thorough look at the Serenity ship's papers coming from QMx. 13 full-color sheets of various sizes, wrapped up in a fashion-grade, hand-crafted leather wallet with brass fittings and a hand-made screw-down plate. Goes on sale on August 25, limited to 1,500 pieces.

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