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July 03 2012

Science Channel wants your Firefly questions. Over on Facebook, the host of the show's 10-year anniversary panel at Comic-Con wants to know what you'd ask the cast. Your question might get answered. More...

March 24 2009

Dollhouse TV forum now accepting questions for Maurissa Tancharoen. Ask Dollhouse writer and future Whedon your questions now. The deadline is April 12th.

February 26 2009

Ask Josh Wheaton Your Science Fiction Questions. Some silliness over at "Josh Wheaton: he created the television shows Burfy, Agnel, Fryfly and Doghouse."

August 02 2006

Official Seth Green Website Q&A from July 24. The Official Seth Green website has a few fan Q&A's with Seth. More...

October 03 2005

Got questions for the crew? Adam, Gina, Sean, Summer, Morena and Jewel will be answering questions from selected fan sites. Please post your questions in the thread at by October 9th. More...

September 30 2005

(SPOILER) Joss answers your questions. From the Serenity webmaster programme, here are the answers to your questions. Well, two of ours, at least. Minor spoilage. More...

September 16 2005

Ask the Serenity Cast a Question. Moviefone's StarTalk wants you to send in questions for the cast and crew. More...

September 09 2005

Joss will answer fan questions about Serenity. A number of fansite webmasters have been given the opportunity to ask Joss some questions. We want you to help us. More...

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