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"My very own riot?"
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April 13 2012

You could be a Master of the Whedonverse. If you're into quizzing check out Geeks Who Drink's upcoming "Masters of the Whedonverse" pub quizzes. More...

January 14 2011

Buffy Character Quiz featured on Sporcle. How many can you name?

February 04 2010

How Well Do You Know: Dollhouse, Season 2. Test your knowledge on Dollhouse season 2 with this 30 question quiz.

December 06 2009

Questions needed for the ultimate Buffy fan quiz. If you remember SciFi UK's Buffy quiz from last month, people thought it was a bit easy and as suspected questions 8 and 9 were indeed incorrect. So as a result, SciFi UK want to do a new quiz with hard questions submitted by you. More...

October 06 2009

The Joss Whedon quiz. Can you get 20 out of 20?

April 11 2008

How well do you know your 'Verse? Bored at work? These Firefly and Serenity quizzes will while away the time quite nicely.

December 05 2005

I wonder how many guessed Jessica Simpson. Kaylee's naughty talk featured in "Your 2005 Film Quiz" in the New York Daily News. More...

May 06 2003

Which M.E. VIP are you?

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