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"What am I, research guy?"
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September 15 2009

Bons Mots from Joss. The vocabulary-building "A Word A Day" mail list always includes a bonus "Thought for Today". Today's thought is a typically impassioned Joss quote about getting involved and making a difference. More...

October 28 2008

New Dr. Horrible Merch at Jinx. Jinx releases 5 more shirts, all with quotes.

October 20 2008

Quote of the Day. Look what showed up on the The Quotations Page's Quotes of the Day. More...

August 30 2008

Joss Whedon vs. The Sky Bully. Celebrity Atheist List collects some pretty intelligent and catchy quotes from Joss on the subject of atheism and faith.

January 29 2007

Brownquote of the Day. It's so gorram clever, cribbed it from Nathan's MySpace page, makes a shiny addition to your page or blog!

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