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"Given that you're a raping scumbag one tick shy of a murderer. I can't recall, do you take sugar?"
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September 22 2016

Rolling Stone's 100 greatest TV shows of all time. With that title you know Joss is going to be in there. The real surprise is, only once? (Number 37 if you don't want to click through). As with all such rankings, your mileage may vary. Mine certainly does.

June 08 2013

Ranking the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" vampires. Louis Peitzman of BuzzFeed ranks the top 22 vampires of Sunnydale.

July 05 2005

Firefly Hits number 2 on Amazon Daily Sales Rankings. According to Hakenís wonderful Firefly DVD page, Firefly has reached #2 today. Can #1 be far behind?

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