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May 13 2015

Ratings for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season finale. The show earned 4.22 million viewers in its first hour and 3.685 million viewers in its second hour, with an overall 1.3 key demo rating.

October 16 2013

Overnight ratings for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. "Eye Spy". It got a 2.7, just 0.1 down from last week, before adjustments. Looks like the show leveled out.

October 13 2013

Live +7 ratings for Agents of SHIELD pilot episode. In the full week following its premiere, Agents of SHIELD got a 7.0 rating in the 18-49 demo, posting the biggest rating point increase among all shows. ETA: Details about the third episode's Live +3 ratings can be found here.

October 07 2013

(SPOILER) Jeffrey Bell discusses 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' ratings and about last week's big cameo. He also spoke with CBR about his experience working on the show and also about this week's episode. Mildly spoilery.

September 25 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ratings - opens big, this fall's biggest drama. The "ratings a Hulk smash".

March 08 2011

Firefly Ratings! By Science Channel Standards. Found this and I didn't see it posted anywhere. Ratings from Firefly's showing on The Science Channel for your peppy little hearts. More...

May 28 2010

Full series rankings for the 2009-10 broadcast season. Find out how Dollhouse got placed for 'adults 18-49' and 'total viewers'. More...

January 09 2010

Fast National Ratings for Dollhouse 2.11 'Getting Closer'. According to HitFix, the show "fell to a 1.5/3 with 2.38 million viewers and a 0.8 demo rating". What does this mean? Not a lot really.

December 19 2009

Last night's Dollhouse ratings. As expected. More...

December 11 2009

The top 10 time-shifted primetime tv programs of 2009. According to Nielsen, Dollhouse came joint tenth with a 44.9% increase in viewership.

December 05 2009

Dollhouse ratings for eps 5 and 6. Predictable.

November 09 2009

Live+7 ratings for Dollhouse 2x04 "Belonging". Live+7 ratings for Belonging go up 57% to take Dollhouse to a 1.3.

October 24 2009

THR: Dollhouse ratings drop back down. "Dollhouse (2.1 million, 0.8) was down 20% in the demo from its last episode two weeks ago."

October 19 2009

DVR figures for the second episode of Dollhouse season 2. It went up from 0.9 to 1.2 in the 18-49 demo, an increase of 33%.

October 03 2009

Ratings for Dollhouse episode 2x02 "Instinct". The first report on ratings for last night's episode is in. They're at about what many expected them to be (but very few hoped.) Update with more info - THR has more.

September 26 2009

Dollhouse S2 premiere ratings. "Dollhouse averaged 2.57 million and a 1.0/4 adults 18-49 rating."

June 18 2009

Dollhouse's seasonal DVR ratings. TV by the Numbers takes a final look at the DVR ratings for the past season. Dollhouse has the largest 18-49 demo increase and the greatest percentage of DVR viewing for broadcast TV.

May 20 2009

Dollhouse UK Premiere Ratings. Digital Spy has the scoop on the audience viewership for "Ghost".

May 09 2009

Dollhouse Season Finale Ratings. THR has the news on preliminary ratings figures for 'Omega'. More...

May 02 2009

Ratings for episode 11 of Dollhouse. Click for your weekly dose of doom and depression. More...

April 25 2009

Ratings for last night's episode of Dollhouse. Well - here it is guys. The ratings are in for last night. ETA: MediaWeek's Marc Berman says the demo was 1.2/4 (the lowest so far).

April 17 2009

"Joss Whedon: What it will take for Dollhouse to Survive". Sci Fi Wire interview: "Basically, we've got a few more times up at bat. It's going to be up to the fans to be vocal in their own community to make sure people are watching...".

April 11 2009

Ratings for last night's episode of Dollhouse. The Live Feed says "Dollhouse slipped a tenth. Dollhouse received a 1.4 rating among and 3.6 million viewers. This matches the show's March 27 season low in the adult demo, though it's not any kind of dramatic change".

April 08 2009

LA Times blames FOX for Dollhouse numbers. In their Hollywood Hit or Miss column, LA Times praises "Man on the Street" but calls Dollhouse's treatment a "miss" for Hollywood.

April 07 2009

Dollhouse DVR numbers for 'Man On The Street'. And they're good numbers again with the demo going up to 2.03 and the total DVR viewership being 1.48m More...

March 31 2009

Dollhouse continues with strong DVR numbers for "True Believer". The demo (again) jumps over the 2.1-mark, with total DVR viewership (again) being over 1.5 million.

March 14 2009

Ratings for episode 5 of Dollhouse. "[Dollhouse] picked up some steam at 4.42 million viewers (#4) and a 1.5/ 5 in the demo". Terminator also picked up a bunch of folk. Hollywood Reporter has a take up, where they say the demo was actually 1.6/5. More...

March 09 2009

Dollhouse continues with strong DVR numbers. "Week two of DVR data showed both "Dollhouse" and "Terminator" improved 29% from their original airings." And TV by the Numbers has the info too. More...

March 07 2009

Dollhouse episode 4 ratings. "Terminator" was down 17% this week in the demo (3.0 million, 1.0/4) and "Dollhouse" dropped another tenth (3.5 million, 1.5/5)." More...

February 28 2009

Ratings for last night's Dollhouse. According to The Live Feed, the show got "(4.1 million, 1.6/5), slipping a tenth this week". More analysis over at

February 21 2009

Dollhouse fails to improve on last week. The Live Feed says it fell 15% in the ratings but adds "this is an almost-typical second-episode slip for a new series". Media Week's Marc Bernan looks at the numbers and says "unless DVR usage is significant, I would not get too used to Dollhouse". But TV Guide points out that Dollhouse's numbers grew during the hour. ETA: Zap2it says the overall rating was actually 2.7/5 which is only .1 down from last week.

February 16 2009

Variety on Dollhouse ratings. Dollhouse off to "credible start" on a "fair" Friday.

February 14 2009

Ratings for last night's Dollhouse. 4.73 million viewers in the overnights. It built a million on Terminator, but let's support these shows. TVWeek has a positive spin on the numbers. The Hollywood Reporter.. doesn't. Entertainment Weekly have a fascinating piece up revealing "Dollhouse helped Fox double its viewership levels among women versus Chronicles", which is a nice twist from the clothes lacking promotion. More...

January 14 2008

Glau gives FOX a killing. The Sarah Connor Chronicles clocks up 18.3 million viewers, making it FOX's most watched premiere of a scripted show since Malcolm in the Middle launched in 2000. So it is possible to launch a show on FOX with proper marketing. More...

July 21 2007

'Mad Men' premiere does ridiculously well in the ratings. According to the Hollwood Reporter, "...the rating means that Mad Men's premiere is AMC's highest-rated original series telecast ever." More...

January 15 2006

All Movie Guide Loves 'Serenity' 4 and 1/2 Stars-worth. Features a really well-written plot synopsis and highly complimentary review, with the option for readers to add their own ratings. More...

September 20 2005

"Willow" Vs. "Xander" - Round One. Aly's new show had a good start and was watched by more than the double of people who watched Nick's. More...

September 14 2005

Bones Wins the Ratings in the 8:00 PM Time Period. Good news for David Boreanaz's new show. It looks like Bones won in the ratings in its time slot. Finally, a show on Fox with a Buffy/Angel cast and crew member that might actually last its whole first season.

August 02 2005

Firefly: Serenity ratings down one-tenth of a point from Part 1 - Sci-fi's weekly Friday night ratings. More...

June 09 2005

Fast National Ratings for the premiere of 'The Inside'. Zap2it says the show debuted to a 3.2/5. Mediaweek says it "kicked-off with a modest (and fourth-place) 3.8/ 6 in the overnights". More...

October 30 2003

Overnights for "Life of the Party". According to Mediaweek, Angel got 4.1/6 and The O.C. 6.5/9. More...

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