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February 02 2010

Shout at the Devil - how Tony and James nearly starred in Reaper. Reaper creators Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters (who later went onto Dollhouse) talk about Tony Head and James Marsters auditioning for the role of the Devil on the show.

June 24 2009

Michele Fazekas on her new Dollhouse job. The Reaper co-creator says "Things are going great. We are humongous Joss Whedon fans so it's very cool to be working with him".

November 05 2007

Mercedes McNab to appear on "Reaper." Looks like she's set to be a baddie guest star this Tuesday! More...

October 17 2007

Reaper has "Buffy" potential. If you haven't seen Reaper yet maybe this will encourage you to take a look. More...

October 05 2007

Buffy's Mixed Legacy: Reaper (Yay!) and Moonlight (Boo!). "This fall season, two shows in particular are borrowing heavily from the 'Buffy' franchise." More...

September 25 2007

(SPOILER) And this season's post-Buffy buzz goes to Reaper. Quite a few TV critics and journalists have been mentioning Buffy when writing about the new CW show. And you can find out for yourself what all the hype is about as Reaper premieres tonight at 9pm/ET. More...

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