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June 12 2012

Where Firefly and Beowulf intersect. Not quite as exciting as the title describes, but still interesting nonetheless.

April 02 2010

New Jason Palmer Art: River vs Reavers. New Official Serenity artwork from Jason Palmer studios. Want.

May 03 2009

Vote for Captain Reynolds. Blockbuster has a poll up to vote for your Sci-Fi favorites. Even the Reavers made it into the favorite baddies category.

April 14 2009

11 Best Villainous Species. Paste Magazine counts down the top 11 species we love to have hate us. Reavers chomp down on the 10th spot.

March 12 2009

Would you protect your pet from Reavers? IMDb has a new poll, featuring Serenity.

December 22 2006

"We're gonna need red paint" - Dark Horse promote the new Serenity ornament. The "Serenity In Disguise" ornament now has a nifty price tag and can be pre-ordered here.

December 01 2005

What's with Serenity's Reavers not Reaving each other. A funny little fan-submitted list on why the Reavers don't just kill each other.

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