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February 07 2009

Danny Strong, Marti Noxon win Writers Guild Awards. Strong's script for Recount wins for "Long Form - Original" at tonight's WGA Awards, while Noxon won for "Dramatic Series" as part of the writing staff on Mad Men. More...

July 17 2008

Neil Patrick Harris and Danny Strong nominated for Emmys. They got nominated in the 'Supporting Actor In A Comedy' and 'Writing For A Minseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special' categories. More...

June 03 2008

Early DVD details, cover pic and release date for "Recount". Written by Danny Strong.

May 27 2008

Blogger Bob Harris, who is a friend of Danny Strong, has written about the difficulties Strong faced in getting Recount made. More...

May 24 2008

Entertainment Weekly reviews Recount. A very positive review from EW on Recount. A brief mention of Danny Strong. More...

May 23 2008

Danny Strong Discusses "Recount" In The New Republic. In a two part discussion in The New Republic, Danny Strong, Jay Roach, and Jonathan Chait revisit the 2000 Florida recount in light of the new HBO film (written by Danny) on the topic, "Recount." There's another interview with the L.A. Times (thanks to Standard Genre Trope for the link). More...

May 14 2008

Warren Christopher angry at 'Buffy' Nerd over 'Recount'. New York magazine's Vulture blog comments on the controversy surrounding Danny Strong's screenplay for "Recount" in standard tongue-in-cheek manner, and adds a little shoutout to everyone's favorite Superstar. More...

November 09 2007

Being an extra on the set of Danny Strong's new movie. Filming for Recount is taking place in Florida and one of our own tells the tale of several days on set as an extra, brushes with stars and conversations with Strong about the film, the strike and things Whedonesque.

April 02 2007

Danny Strong writes 'Recount' screenplay for HBO. Good for him. Sydney Pollack will direct the film. More...

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