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April 23 2015

Reed Diamond's new show Wayward Pines to get worldwide free preview. "In what's believed to be the first global preview event, the Fox network and Fox International Channels are making the premiere episode of event series "Wayward Pines" available for free in the U.S. and to Fox International viewers across more than 126 countries."

December 22 2014

Reed Diamond's Christmas special podcast. It's his second Christmas podcast with Culturally Fixated. More...

December 09 2014

Reed Diamond talks about his villainous role in Agents of SHIELD. The interview is with and he talks about how he prepared for the role and where he would place Whitehall in the Marvel Villain Spectrum.

July 20 2014

Happy Birthday, Reed Diamond! He turns 47 today.

December 07 2013

Christmas Carols and chat from Reed Diamond. A Reed Diamond Christmas special podcast

October 26 2013

Reed Diamond will be back in tonight's episode of 'The Mentalist'. He's back as Red John suspect, Ray Haffner. More...

October 06 2013

Reed Diamond will be back on The Mentalist tonight. He plays ex-CBI agent Ray Haffner. More...

September 29 2013

Reed Diamond on Culturally Fixated podcast. A podcast with the likeable Reed Diamond talking twitter and Much Ado.

July 20 2013

Happy Birthday, Reed Diamond! The Prince of Aragon who's also the Dollhouse's head of security turns 46 today.

June 03 2013

Reduced Shakespeare Company audio podcast with Reed Diamond. And also an online interview with Fran Kranz earlier tonight here at The Huffington Post Live. More...

March 05 2013

Play Scrabble with Reed Diamond on March 7th! He is is part of BookEnds' Scrabble Challenge, a fundraising event to get books in the hands of the children who need them. More...

January 20 2013

Reed Diamond will be back on Bones. He will appear in the January 21st episode. More...

July 15 2012

(SPOILER) Dollhouse stars guested on The Glades. Both Dichen Lachman and Reed Diamond were featured in the July 1 episode of A&E's The Glades. Link contains a description of the episode, entitled "Food Fight." More...

June 21 2012

Culturally Fixated podcast interview with Reed Diamond. Reed Diamond talking about a variety of his shows and singing Joss' praises! More...

June 05 2012

Season 2 of "Franklin and Bash" premieres tonight. Reed Diamond is back on your TV screens as Damien Karp tonight on TNT at 10|9c.

May 15 2012

See Reed Diamond on last night's Bones season finale. He plays FBI Special Agent Hayes Flynn.

July 29 2011

Reed Diamond to guest star on The Mentalist. He will appear on the second episode, which will be shown on Sept. 29. More...

July 23 2011

Culturally Fixated Podcast with Reed Diamond. Reed guests on Culturally Fixated where he discusses Franklin and Bash, Dollhouse, TV sins, Good Luck and Good Night and George Clooney amongst other things.

July 19 2011

Happy Birthday, Reed Diamond! He turns 44. More...

June 07 2011

Trailer for the second episode of Franklin and Bash. It's Reed Diamond (Mr. Dominic)'s new show on TNT. More...

April 03 2011

Reed Diamond is now on Twitter. You can now find Reed Diamond, best known to use all as Mr Dominic on Dollhouse, on twitter!

November 08 2010

Reed Diamond is lending his voice to Firebreather. The LA Dollhouse's (best) Chief of Security is going to be the voice of Col. "Booshwa" Barnes, the Head of the UN-sanctioned Special Operations Strikeforce, in Cartoon Network's adaptation of the the comic series. More...

July 19 2010

Happy Birthday Reed Diamond! Raise a toast, he turns 43 today.

December 10 2009

James Marsters stars in tonight's Radio 4 play "Then We Came to the End". He plays "The Voice". Reed Diamond of Dollhouse fame also appears in it. The play will be on at 9pm, listen to it live here. More...

October 19 2009

Reed Diamond on Castle right now. Sharing the screen with Nathan...

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