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April 07 2010

The Complete DVD collection of Angel on sale at Amazon UK. Not that long ago, you had tha chance to get the BtVS set, now you can complete your Buffyverse collection with the Region 2 DVD box set containing all 5 seasons of Angel, which has been included in this week's Amazon's special offers and till Sunday is thus sold with a discount of 64% for £49.97 (approx. 57€).

March 02 2010

The Complete DVD Collection of Buffy on sale at Amazon UK. The Region 2 DVD box set containing all seven seasons of Buffy is now available for 50.97 (72% discount) as part of Amazon's current "deals of the of the week" special offers.

May 22 2009

Dollhouse Region 2 DVD now up for pre-orders. Those of you in Region 2 can now officially get ready. Amazon puts the release date at 14 September 2009. (Took the cue from Progressive_Stupidity.)

May 17 2007

Complete Buffy Box on sale at Amazon UK. All seven seasons of Buffy on Region 2 DVD for 80.97.

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