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"If you're done molesting the furniture, can we get these guys?"
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September 05 2006

Charisma Carpenter gets a Buffy reunion. Well done, fun to read interview by TVguide. More...

September 03 2006

Nick and Charisma, reunited. Nicholas Brendon and Charisma Carpenter talk to the Boston Herald about working together again on "Relative Chaos," which airs Sept. 4 on ABC Family. More...

August 06 2006

(SPOILER) Relative Chaos promotional images. Promotional pictures for Nick Brendon and Charisma Carpenter's TV Movie "Relative Chaos" have been released, and yes, they are together in a few. More...

May 22 2006

(SPOILER) New info for Nick Brendon and Charisma Carpenter's tv movie. 'Relative Chaos' is scheduled to air on the ABC Family network this September. More...

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