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June 09 2011

Simon & Kaylee know No H8. A beautiful reunion shot for the anti-prejudice project. More...

May 06 2009

Film Snobbery reviews the Buffy Paley event and Amber Benson's movie. They review the DVD of the event, along with Amber's movie 'One Eyed Monster' also on DVD.

March 05 2009

Buffy Reunion DVD Available for Purchase From Paley Center. The Buffy Reunion from PaleyFest is available for purchase at and will also be available at the PaleyFest 2009 event. More...

October 05 2008

All Seasons of Buffy and Angel for $20 each including a DVD of the Cast Reunion Panel at Best Buy. Buy one or more of these DVD sets and get the panel DVD for free (otherwise it's $4.99).

April 14 2008

Paley Center NY screening Buffy Reunion Panel on April 25. A chance for those on the East Coast to see the entire Q&A on video. Paley members can reserve now, general public seats on sale Wednesday. More...

March 21 2008

Getty Images from the Buffy Reunion at PaleyFest. The gang's all here! Well, not really, because Alyson and Eliza sadly were no-shows, but here are some pics of the other fabulous 'verse to whet your appetite.

January 07 2006

The results of E! Online's 2006 Save One Show Poll. Various shows, which have Buffyverse alums starring in them, make the list.

December 09 2005

Fox's cancellation of Reunion continues in the tradition of Firefly and Wonderfalls says Matt Roush. The last question on the page.

November 29 2005

Fox cancels Alexa Davalos' "Reunion". It's unclear if the network will show all the episodes produced. Also featured in the article is the news on CBS' (almost) cancellation of Threshold, which stars Robert Patrick Benedict, who played Jape in Buffy season 4 episode "Superstar". More...

October 28 2005

Fox reveal details for their shows in November. ME cast and crew related shows include: That 70's Show, The OC, Prison Break, Bones, Reunion and Kitchen Confidential. The link contain brief details for several episodes, it might be too spoilery for some people. More...

October 04 2005

Good and Bad news for new shows with former ME alums. Fox orders additional scripts for Alexa Davalos' "Reunion", while UPN halts the production of Eric Balfour's "Sex, Love and Secrets". More...

September 22 2005

"Reunion" coming to the UK in 2006. Alexa Davalos' new show will be coming to digital channel E4 at an unspecified date next year according to Digital Spy columnist Neil Wilkes. And in other news, 'Kitchen Confidential' has been picked up by Paramount. More...

September 08 2005

"Reunion" begins airing tonight. Starring Alexa Davalos, (Gwen in 'Angel') the first episode premiering straight after 'The OC'. Starting in 1986, this original series follows a group of friends over 20 years. One of them is murdered and all 5 are suspects... More...

September 04 2005

ME alums new shows listed among EW's Top 10 Must-see list. Magazine lists "Prison Break", "Reunion" , "How I Met Your Mother" and "Kitchen Confidential" among fall's most promising new series. More...

May 19 2005

Fox's 2005 schedule has Whedon Alums. Nick Brendon's Kitchen Confidential will be on Mondays at 8:30 after Arrested Development. David Boreanaz's Bones will be on Tuesdays at 8 before House. And Alexa Davalos's Reunion is on Thursdays at 9.

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