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March 09 2013

Ain't It Cool reviews Much Ado About Nothing. "The reason Whedon has such a huge fan following is that he never forgets that it begins with interesting characters. The characters of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING are complicated creatures, and Whedon and the actors breathe life into them in a facile way."

May 04 2012

(SPOILER) Even The Amazing Atheist loves The Avengers. Infamous Youtube curmudgeon and author Terroja Kincaid AKA "The Amazing Atheist" gives The Avengers a loud, profanity-laced and spoiler-filled positive review. Mathew "Film Brain" Buck of also gives the movie a big thumbs up (without any major spoilers). Another positive review can be found at (h/t to teel77). Jeremy Jahns also gave it a positive review on Youtube. The Assignment X review can be found here.

May 03 2012

(SPOILER) Roger Ebert reviews The Avengers. He gives it three out of four stars. ETA: And The New York Times interview can be found here (h/t to C. A. Bridges) More...

April 30 2012

(SPOILER) Richard Roeper reviews "The Avengers". He gives the movie an "A" rating. And in this new clip Joss Whedon does a 1:44 length commentary over a previously released scene.

April 12 2012

(SPOILER) A NON-Review of Avengers from Extremely positive and hints of spoilers.

January 23 2012

Jeremy Jahns reviews Dollhouse. One of the most famous YouTube reviewers make a six-minute comment on how much love he has invested in it. Holy cow!

August 14 2011

Hitfix's early look at the pilot of Sarah Michelle Gellar's new series 'Ringer'. Spoiler-free, but mostly negative.

March 07 2011

(SPOILER) After Ellen reviews the pilot script of SMG's new series "Ringer". They say it's the right vehicle for her. Obviously includes spoilers for Sarah's new show.

October 19 2010

Script review of Sarah Michelle Gellar's rejected HBO Pilot. Another one here.

September 14 2010

'Firefly' Rewind - 'Serenity' (the motion picture). TV critic Alan Sepinwall offers a "rewind" review of Serenity.

April 21 2010

Cultural learnings review of "Prophecy Girl". Myles McNutt finishes up season one of Buffy for the cultural catchup project.

April 10 2010

Cultural Learnings - Buffy Catchup. Internet critic Myles McNutt begins his cultural catchup project with his first foray into the Buffyverse and weekly reviews.

March 24 2010

Dollhouse video review. I've never seen these podcasters before (I'm not sure they've posted anything before), but I enjoyed their enjoyment of Dollhouse. And I'm looking forward to their review of Firefly. More...

February 10 2010

IGN Reviews Dollhouse Season 2. A mixed review for Dollhouse's second and final season.

July 30 2009

DVD Verdict reviews Dollhouse: Season One. A very in-depth, highly favorable review, but it's a screener copy, so no discussions of the extras, besides commentaries. More...

July 18 2009

(SPOILER) "Echo" - A review. The reviewer calls the original Dollhouse pilot "heart-stoppingly beautiful and noir-tastic". Another review also questions the decision to scrap "Echo".

July 15 2009

Aaron Sherman reviews Dollhouse Season 1. Summary: "So, is it worth buying the season one DVDs? Yes, I believe it is."

May 07 2009

(SPOILER) AICN's Hercules has seen the Dollhouse finale. "What's good? The show’s remarkable cast. The realization that we’ve come to care a great deal about so many of these awful people."

February 23 2009

The New Yorker reviews Dollhouse. "Whedon is back on Fox, and the second time is probably not the charm." More...

February 16 2009

Largely positive review of "Dollhouse" from Keith Topping. Keith Topping, author of the Slayer and Hollywood Vampire guides to The Buffyverse has seen Dollhouse and rather liked it. More...
Have a Little Faith in Dollhouse. Nathan Alderman of responds to Tom Shales' "venomous" review of Dollhouse. Spoilers if you haven't seen Ghost.

February 13 2009

Metacritic scorecard for Dollhouse. Some people expressed interest in the Metacritic score Dollhouse would receive in the recent "reviews" post, so here it is. More...

February 11 2009

(SPOILER) Lurching into familiar Fox territory. Salon reviews Dollhouse and likes it. But a review from Tim Goodman of the San Francisco Chronicle calls the first three episodes "a major disappointment". The ScrippsNews review says "Dollhouse' certainly isn't awful, but neither is it remarkably good".

February 08 2009

(SPOILER) Variety review "Dollhouse". The trade takes a look at the first few episodes and isn't overly sure what to make of the show's potential as a series. New York Magazine, on the other hand, is a lot more positive.

July 16 2008

'Dr. Horrible' diagnosis: It's a big hit online. Dr. Horrible story on USA today. And add your Act II reviews and articles to this thread.

June 27 2008

Review of Runaways 30! The long-awaited issue is read and reviewed by a Whedon-fan.

February 20 2008

(SPOILER) Review of Runaways #29. The issue came out this week.

January 28 2008

The Nexus reviews Astonishing X-Men #24. The issue will be, to quote Mark Stoddard, 'the penultimate issue of this stellar run'. More...
Popular Mechanics compares all the Terminators, including Cameron. Popular Mechanics compares all of the Terminators in the movie/TV franchise, from Arnold Schwartzenegger to Summer Glau. According to the editors, the Cameron Phillips model seems to be very impressive.

January 24 2008

(SPOILER) Astonishing X-Men #24 review. IGN's VERY positive review of Astonishing X-Men #24. The word "classic" is used quite freely.

December 02 2007

Chief Seattle's character sketches: Wesley. Chief Seattle has updated his indepth Angel review site with a fascinating look at Wesley's character from his beginnings on Buffy to his tragic end.

November 10 2007

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8, Episode 8 Review at The Nexus! New review of the new issue - issue 8 of season 8 - over at the Comics Nexus. More...

November 06 2007

(SPOILER) ASTONISHING X-MEN 23 Review at the Nexus! A new review of the new issue of Astonishing X-Men, by Joss. There's also another review over at Leave Your Spandex at the Door.

October 05 2007

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #7 Reviewed @ LYS@D. Leave Your Spandex @ The Door promptly grants an extended (and insightful) review of the 7th issue of the Buffy Season 8 comic. More...

June 18 2007

Buffy Season 8: From The Mouth Of Babes. 11-year old 'Haileyscomic' offers her thoughts on issue #4 of Buffy Season 8 in the latest installment of her column on Pink Raygun. More...

June 09 2007

Herc's seen episode 8.4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Aint It Cool News' Herc reviews the latest Buffy S8 Issue.

June 07 2007

(SPOILER) Variety reviews Death at a Funeral. Alan Tudyk's upcoming movie gets a mostly positive review, with his storyline getting singled out as "wonderfully played." More...

April 27 2006

GeekIntertainment's Buffy Season 5: part 1 BuffCast is now Online. "An overly optimistic look at Season 5. We discuss the first 12 episodes of season 5, complete with a breakdown of how the characters progressed, and which episodes we thought were the best (No Brainer: Fool for Love!)"

March 14 2006

When Vern had Serenity. Ain't it Cool's lovable lug and the leading seagalogist watched Serenity during the opening weekend. This is old, but looks like it's never been linked. (NSFW if plain text can be) More...

March 08 2006

Home Media Retailing on Serenity: "My New Favorite Movie" This is one of two trade magazines for the home video industry, and this is a new column where writers highlight their favorite movies (as opposed to just reviewing the week's new releases). More...

February 27 2006

Serenity released on DVD in the UK today. So to mark this occasion, here's some glowing reviews from SFX magazine, Empire Magazine and Total Film as well.

February 26 2006

Good Astonishing X-men #13 review from Silver Bullet Comicbooks. Five stars.

February 25 2006

Three out of five star 'Serenity' review. "The plot is simplistic, hung on a series of energetic set pieces, which are let down by a lack of imagination and crude computer generated special effects."

February 22 2006

TwoP recaps Serenity. "He stands, so illuminated it's blinding, the harsh light of Miranda behind him like a halo: "I aim to misbehave.""

February 11 2006

Empire UK magazine look back at Serenity. "..that (Joss) chose this tricky and often thankless task as his movie debut while Abrams cosied up to Cruise is evidence that he might be too darn nice for Hollywood." Voting is still open for this year's Empires awards, to be held soon in London.

January 31 2006

Serenity - the animated review. Listen to what the goldfish has to say, very important.

January 18 2006

The Buffy Season 3 GeekIntertainment BuffCast is Now Online. After months of waiting, the brand new BuffCast of season 3 is now available for download at GeekIntertainment. More...

January 16 2006

DVDFile posts a review of Serenity DVD... finally! Normally I'd think we'd probably had enough of these reviews, but this is a great one from a reviewer completely unfamiliar with Firefly.

January 10 2006

Angel season 4 DVD review from TWoP's Sars. One of Television Without Pity's co-founders discusses her problems with the season. More...

January 07 2006

The DVD Archives' Glowing Review of Serenity. Our very own UnpluggedCrazy (Arlo J. Wiley) reviews Serenity for the new DVD review branch of My Film Website, The DVD Archives, citing it as, "just about as perfect a film as could be." More...

January 01 2006

Crooks and Liars, a mostly political blog, pumps up Serenity. John Amato has a sort of mini-review: "Joss Whedon gets major props for making a low budget, Sci-Fi movie that is significantly better than any of the other major releases."

December 28 2005

Eye Weekly DVD review of Serenity. Another good review. Warning - yet more Lucas bashing. More...

December 20 2005

CHUD review of "Serenity" DVD. A newbie's take on the BDM. And a glowing review from DVD verdict. And this is hereby the Serenity DVD review thread. More...
Review of Serenity DVD. San Francisco Chronicle gives the dvd a glowing review.
Serenity Named Best Sci-Fi film of the year on IGN. Serenity also wins Best Story and Best Trailer of 2005 on IGN, and was a runner-up in the Best Film category. More...

December 15 2005

JoBlo reviews Serenity. They only give it a 4/10. I still don't get how the effects in Serenity are only "so-so". Bwuh? More...

December 13 2005

DVD Talk reviews "Serenity" DVD. Movie: 4.5/5, Extras: 3.5/5, Replay: 5/5

November 20 2005

Series Might Be Dead but Buffy Keeps Vamping. Long review of the series as part of the box set announcement, including references to continuing fandom and academic activities.

October 25 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity analysis by Peter Suderman, who previously reviewed the movie for Relevant. Here he analyzes its political-economical philosophy for The American Spectator... More...

October 24 2005

Jon Christensen blogs about Serenity "fan boys" and prospects for a sequel at /FILM. Warning - the blogger has less than kind things to say about Firefly fans and sounds very much like one of those monsters who eats goats and lives under a bridge.

October 20 2005

(SPOILER) A long, hard look at Serenity from Buffista's Nilly. It's probably the most in depth analysis around, full of insight. "Those are characters that may do questionable things, in a world that not only can't find any easy other solutions for them, but practically the opposite, leaves them with no choice but to having to resort to questionable acts and tough choices."

October 13 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity: Death and Rebirth. A blog site featuring a panel of good writers and a bundle of Serenity and Firefly flavoured analysis, review and opinion. More...

October 11 2005

(SPOILER) Why stop the signal when it's this good? "One of the underlying themes in "Serenity" is the right for people to know the truth, which is especially valid in our current times." More...

October 08 2005

(SPOILER) 'Star Trek' never had a robot in a prom dress. "It's kinda quaint, and when Kaylee complains... it takes you a minute to realize she's talking pure filth."

October 07 2005

(SPOILER) GeekiNtertainment's Serenity Review. GeekiNtertainment gives us their special review of Serenity in their podcast. BEWARE! Full of spoilers.

October 06 2005

A hard woman is good to find. The portrayal of "strong women" in Hollywood features (including River Tam) isn't quite as it seems, according to Times journalist Kevin Maher. More...
(SPOILER) Christian film critics review Serenity. Much love and praise from various Christian critics. It is safe to read the overview of reviews, but there are spoilers if you continue on to read the individual reviews. (Temptation is all around us!). More...
(SPOILER) Fighting for Serenity. "'Serenity' offers something many $100 million extravaganzas cannot - heart. The heart of 'Serenity' - and the reason why it is so memorable - is its deep, charismatic cast." More...

October 05 2005

(SPOILER) Resurrection devices only exist in real life. A slightly different take on the film including my favourite line " captain Mal (Nathan Fillion, a Han Solo with Dudley Do-Right’s mug)". There is also talk of a plot line I've somehow missed despite seeing it 4 times already!
Jonathan Ross on Film 2005 loves Serenity. This is a summary of his review that aired on BBC1 on Monday, and in the UK this is the big one, THE film show, on air since 1972. And he loved it. More...
(SPOILER) Devin promises to eat his words. CHUD responds to some browncoat mail. More...

October 04 2005

Orson Scott Card reviews Serenity. Stark-ravingly positive review of the BDM by the award-winning sci fi author. OSC even states if Hollywood can't make his book Ender's Game as good as Serenity, he won't let them adapt it!

October 02 2005

Ebert and Roeper give Serenity two thumbs up. It's not up on their site yet but I just caught it on tv. More...

September 30 2005

Look who's "All The Serenity Reviews You Will Ever Need To Read" now. And that makes the 5th installment of our review dump threads. Please post all links to online newspaper/blog/magazine reviews in this thread. More...
(SPOILER) Have you found Serenity? Post your thoughts about the film, at More...
Son of "All The Serenity Reviews You Will Ever Need To Read". Part 4 (blimey it's now a franchise in its own right) of Whedonesque's coverage of all the Serenity reviews out there. So all links to online newspaper/blog/magazine reviews will be posted in this thread. More...
(SPOILER) Revolution Sci-fi goes Serenity all the way. Revolution Sci-fi is behind Serenity all the way by giving Serenity the home page treatment with reviews and articles from the past. They gave Serenity a 9 out of 10. More...

September 29 2005

Revenge of "All The Serenity Reviews You Will Ever Need To Read". Part three (already?) of Whedonesque's coverage of the Serenity reviews. So links to reviews are to be posted in this thread. And seeing as it's now the 30th, Serenity opens today in the United States. Best wishes to everyone involved in the making of the movie. More...
(SPOILER) Roger Ebert says Serenity has: '...breathless velocity, much imagination,' and 'the rough edges and brawny energy of a good yarn.' The famous film critic gives Joss Whedon's directorial maiden journey three out of four stars. So there. More...
Return of 'All the Serenity reviews you will ever need to read'. Part deux of Whedonesque's coverage of the massive amount of Serenity reviews that are going around at the moment. All links to online newspaper/magazine/blog reviews of Serenity are to be posted in the comments section of this thread. More...

September 28 2005

All the Serenity reviews you will ever need to read. For the time being, all links to online newspaper/magazine reviews of Serenity are to be posted in the comments section of this thread. More...
(SPOILER) Entertainment Weekly grades Serenity a B. The reviewer gives the disclaimer of being a Firefly fan. (The grade is on the right side of their page, a little hard to find.) More...
Revenge of the Nerd. Not a review per se but an article on how the movie got made. It has a lot of Joss quotes from the Press junket and is quite positive. More...
(SPOILER) Hollywood Stock Exchange Serenity Review. "Fans of the original TV series will be more than pleased to spend 119 minutes with their old friends, but newcomers will be less satisfied with the pedestrian plotting and small-screen sensibility." (minor spoilers, but I thought I'd play safe). Another review in a similar vein at Australia's "At The Movies". More...

September 27 2005

(SPOILER) God Grant Us the Serenity To accept the things we cannot change, like this movie. Popgurls went to the Serenity Premiere, and this is what they saw.
(SPOILER) Creating Worldwide Browncoat Buzz. First Review from Serenity's screenings at Rio Movie Festival 2005 written by a fellow Browncoat for a Brazilian entertainment website. It contains mild spoilers about the plot. Click here for babelfish translated version. More...

September 26 2005 debuts its "Serenity" page. Only one review there, as of this posting, but it's a page to keep your eyes on. Interestingly... More...
(SPOILER) Review: Ken Tucker of New York magazine loves Serenity. Major spoilers for the film. More...
Matt Roush of TV Guide praises Serenity with one reservation. More...

September 25 2005

(SPOILER) New Serenity Review. From someone who loves Buffy but never saw Firefly. More...

September 22 2005

(SPOILER) A Serenity Trailer Review. Another non-fan perspective on Serenity. More...

September 15 2005

(SPOILER) Broken Frontier's Positive Serenity Review. Review contains *movie trailer-level spoilers* More...

September 14 2005

(SPOILER) Dark Horizons Review of "Serenity". "It's a hard film to review...". According to the reviewer, non-fans will have some problems enjoying the movie.

September 12 2005

(SPOILER) Knowing Serenity. This isn't really a review but from a guy who watched the film but never saw the show and wondering what he was missing to really appreciate the movie. More...
(SPOILER) Blogcritics review of Serenity. Extremely positive review from someone who loved Firefly but wasn't expecting Serenity to be this good: "Simply put, Serenity astounded me." More...

September 10 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity review at Shiny Shelf. A not-completely-impressed review of Serenity from Doctor Who novel author Mags L Halliday at Shiny Shelf. Some minor spoilers. More...

September 09 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity Review at Coming Soon. "Great humor, good special effects, and entertaining performances by the cast make Serenity a great dose of sci-fi now that Star Wars has come and gone." More...

September 02 2005

Sideshow Oz - 12 inch Figure Review of Oz. More...
Astonishing X-Men #12 review. Well that's Joss and John's first year over, so what did you think of it? More...

August 31 2005

Time Out Edinburgh Fest Round-up Serenity Mention. Time Out likens Serenity to "Howard Hawks in space" More...

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