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"But you, REALLY got under my skin."
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January 02 2007

"It's the End of the World ... Again! Why Buffy Still Matters" 2007 Mini-Con Schedule Posted. A number of papers on a variety of interesting (and some possibly controversial?) topics are listed to be presented, with at least three looking to focus on Spike exclusively. More...

November 05 2006

I've Got a Theory (It Could be Bunnies ... or Maybe Feminism!). The admins of UNCG's BtVS studies discussion series invite your proposals for scholarly papers to be presented at the March 16, '07 mini-conference concluding the class (which will feature a keynote address by Dr. Rhonda V. Wilcox, noted Buffyologist and school alum). More...

March 07 2003

Round-table discussion of Season 7 (thru January) by four of the leading Buffy scholars-- David Lavery, Rhonda Wilcox, James B. South, and Stephanie Zacharek. More...

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