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September 17 2010

Harry Lennix is "Mr. Sophistication"; Danny Green directs. One of Danny and Harry's current film projects that is in post-production; I could not find release information beyond '2010'. More...

September 02 2010

Rick Fox wants to make the Whedonverse proud. Eliza Dushku's boyfriend, LA Lakers legend Rick Fox (who had a cameo in Dollhouse), is competing on season 11 of "Dancing With The Stars". Today he tweeted a reply to Mo Tancharoen how he hopes his run on the show makes the Whedonverse proud. Good luck Rick!

December 22 2009

(SPOILER) Rick Fox moves into the Dollhouse. Eliza's real life beau has a minor role that gives away a HUGE plot point. Spoilers for other casting as well.

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