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March 19 2013

15 cancelled shows to bring back. TV lists 15 shows that should be brought back, including a half-dozen Whedon-related ones. More...

April 23 2012

Vote for Ringer in E! Online's Annual Save One Show. It has made it to the final round and it's main competition is Body of Proof. Help Ringer claim victory!

February 21 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar promoting Ringer on the "Rachel Ray show". Also, Misha Collins (Castiel from Supernatural) guest stars on tonight's Ringer at 9/8c on the CW.

February 09 2012

New February Sweeps Promotional Photo For Ringer. Another beautiful promotional photo for Ringer, with Sarah Michelle Gellar as beautiful as ever. More...

November 22 2011

(SPOILER) First look at Amber Benson on 'Ringer'. Her episode airs on the 29th.

October 12 2011

'Ringer' gets full-season order. Good news for fans of Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show.

October 06 2011

Amber Benson to appear on Ringer. She will be in episode 10 playing a stripper who is a informant for Agent Machado .

September 29 2011

"Shiv, the antique is leaking" - Guy and Dolls Recaps. It's Ringer, played by the Buffy cast.

September 14 2011

Ratings for SMG's "Ringer" are in! It scored a 1.2 Adults 18-49 demo, and 2.7 million viewers. In comparison, the cancelled Hellcats scored the same demo, and 300,000 more viewers last year. But as TV Line points out "it did open strong, giving The CW its largest audience in the Tuesdays-at-9 time slot in more than three years." More...

September 12 2011

The entertainment press reviews Ringer. Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show premieres Tuesday on the CW. The NYTimes' Mike Hale has mostly positive things to say. SF Chronicle's David Wiegand says it's great fun. AOL TV's Maureen Ryan judges that it has some potential, but does not yet live up to its promise.

September 08 2011

The Hollywood Reporter reviews SMG's "Ringer". The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman is not too impressed by the CW pilot starring our former formidable slayer.
Sarah Michelle Gellar: Mother of One, Actress of Two. The LA Times spoke to Sarah Michelle Gellar about Ringer. Not much new but there are many Buffy mentions and a quote from Whedon.

September 01 2011

SMG reveals whether Ringer will have a musical episode. "I do not sing," Gellar explains.
Our Fall TV editors' picks. Ringer makes the top of Yahoo! TV's list.

August 24 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar dishes about going from 'Buffy' to 'Ringer'. It's an interview with, she's also on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

August 14 2011

Hitfix's early look at the pilot of Sarah Michelle Gellar's new series 'Ringer'. Spoiler-free, but mostly negative.

August 05 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar: 5 Things to Know. The Hollywood Reporter does a short focus on SMG.

August 04 2011

Confirmed: Sarah Michelle Gellar will guest on 'All My Children'. She said at the Ringer TCA panel, "I called up the casting director and told her I wanted to do something, that I want to be a part of it.".

July 22 2011

Ringer Comic-Con panel now on Buffyfest. No major spoilers.

July 21 2011

"I'm not trying to re-create Buffy and I'm not trying to top it". The Hollywood Reporter has highlights of a Ringer roundtable interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar at Comic-Con. has an interview with her as well as a sneak peek (i.e. a new trailer) at her new show and Screen Rant has coverage of the Ringer panel at Comic-Con.

July 20 2011

'Ringer' art with Sarah Michelle Gellar. has the exclusive first look.

July 19 2011

The Hollywood Reporter chats with SMG and other genre ladies. Gellar talks long hours, Wonder Woman and the Comic-Con experience. The video gallery can be found here.

July 04 2011

(SPOILER) TVLine gives first impression of SMG's Ringer. Matt Webb Mitovich has seen the Ringer pilot and mentions what he likes and dislikes (mostly likes!). There are spoilers.

June 27 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar will be at Comic-Con. Entertainment Weekly confirms our favorite Slayer's first visit to Comic Con since promoting The Grudge in 2004. She'll join the cast of Ringer, which will start on the CW September 13th. Joining her on the panel on July 21st at Ballroom 20 (according to TV Line) will be Nestor Carbonell and Ioan Gruffudd. More...

May 26 2011

IGN Interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar. SMG discusses Ringer, and is funny. :)
Sarah Michelle Gellar wants to honor her fandom with 'Ringer'. A nice interview that also includes what excites her most about her upcoming series.

May 24 2011

(SPOILER) An extended preview of Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Ringer'. The final :15 seconds contain what looks to be a major spoiler for the end of the first Episode.

May 20 2011

Television Without Pity says 'Ringer' is Number One on the TWoP 10: Most Promising Looking New Shows for next season. More...

May 19 2011

Promotional photos for 'Ringer'. Three promotional photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar in her new show. The timeslot has also been announced. Update: The promo is now online and there's an interview with Sarah at

May 18 2011

CBS President Nina Tassler on how SMG's pilot 'Ringer' landed at the CW. Calls SMG "a force to be reckoned with". More...

May 16 2011

Ringer picked up says Deadline. According to one report, the CW has ordered SMG's new series! Rejoice! More...

May 13 2011

SMG's Ringer picked up... by The CW? According to Deadline, the pilot for CBS is headed to its sibling network instead. UPDATE: Complicating matters (same link) ABC Studios has pulled out of the show, "citing that it cannot produce a series for the economics of CW." More...

May 06 2011

EW mention of Ringer's Fall chances. "... CBS loves Sarah Michelle Gellar but only likes her pilot.." Ruh Roh.

May 02 2011

SMG's Ringer hailed as one of the best pilot scripts for Fall. With the broadcast networks about to unveil their new fall lineups, Jace Lacob picks his favorite scripts—from the period drama Playboy (with Sean Maher!) to the Sarah Michelle Gellar-starring Ringer.

April 03 2011

The ten most promising pilots for Fall 2011 (plus one guaranteed bomb). SMP née SMG "rings" in at #3.

March 07 2011

(SPOILER) After Ellen reviews the pilot script of SMG's new series "Ringer". They say it's the right vehicle for her. Obviously includes spoilers for Sarah's new show.

January 31 2011

(SPOILER) Details revealed about Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show, Ringer. Definitely going to watch this!

January 25 2011

More details about Sarah Michelle Gellar's new pilot 'Ringer'. Peter Traugott, producers of the pilot, talks to about Sarah, the show and the Buffy fans.

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