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October 01 2015

Anthony Head talks briefly about Ripper. "The life of Buffy still goes on in the comics, and I'd have to play a 60-year-old or an 80-year-old, do you know what I mean? That's not quite fun!"

June 24 2014

Five Joss Whedon projects you never got to see. To mark Joss' 50th birthday the other day, Digital Spy lists five of his most promising projects that never saw the light of day. More...

April 17 2012

How Many Spinoffs Is Too Many? This discussion of spinoffs touches on Buffy and Angel after 12:30 minutes having also considered myriad comic book spinoffs and Lou Grant.

August 01 2011

Sci-fi and fantasy spin-offs we'd loved to have seen. Besides the usual Whedonverse suspects of the Faith and Ripper spinoffs, SFX comes up with the idea of a Jubal Early show.

December 10 2010

(SPOILER) Anthony Head speaks about Buffy #39. Tony Head's aware of what happens in That Issue. More...

September 25 2010

Joss Whedon and Tony Head talk about 'Ripper'. It's an excerpt taken from the upcoming SFX special.

July 26 2009

Tony Head voted 8th most loved UK voice. Something nice to see over your morning cup of tea, anyway.

June 09 2009

"Buffy was an extraordinary piece of writing". Fantastic interview with Tony Head. Buffy, Ripper, Eliza, Angel, Serenity, Dollhouse and Fox all get discussed. More...

June 02 2009

Ripper still possible says Tony Head. We're obliged to run this headline every year.

May 18 2009

The Independent interviews Joss. On the eve of Dollhouse's UK premiere, the paper prints an interview mostly about the impact of Buffy. Includes a rather direct smackdown of Buffy movie rumors.

December 10 2008

No Buffy movie says Tony Head. He shoots down those recent rumours. And if you were wondering about Ripper, well it seems to be dead in the water according to what Joss said in his Write Environment interview.

November 12 2008

US move on the cards for BBC's Julie Gardner. Joss met Julie about Ripper, the proposed Giles spin off series, last year. The Guardian reports Julie is set to move to LA next year, reporting into the exec VP of programming and production for BBC Worldwide (the new LA commercial drama wing).

April 28 2008

Tony Head gives an update on Ripper. He seems to think that it could still possibly happen. More...

April 01 2008

What ever happened to Ripper? Televisionary wonders about the fate of the Buffy spin-off. Could this be the only footage of it we'll ever see?

March 24 2008

How do you want Buffy to continue? SciFi Wire asks the question and lists Buffy on Broadway, Spike, Faith, Ripper and Dawn shows as the choices.

December 22 2007

Joss Whedon on Dollshouse (sic) and Ripper. A very brief but interesting taster for an 'exclusive' interview with Joss Whedon which they say will appear in the UK Scifi magazine SFX #166 on January 16th.

October 30 2007

Joss Whedon and the Vampire Detectives. With the Angel Collector's Set coming out in the States today, GreenCine speaks to Joss about the show and other stuff as well (the likelihood of a sequel to Serenity and his upcoming projects Ripper, Goners and Cabin In The Woods).

October 23 2007

Tony Head gives an update on the status of 'Ripper'. Speaking to CBR News at the 2007 Scream Awards, he says "we're looking at maybe something in the summer, just kind of depends on the availability of rights and things".

September 10 2007

The Story of "Ripper". Following last weeks article on the Buffy Spin-off's that never were, DigitalSpy now take a closer look at "Ripper", tracing its development from the start.

August 29 2007

Latest Ripper rumour: British tabloid has casting news. According to a story made up by the Daily Star, Ripper has been greenlit and Joss wants Pete Doherty to play a villain in it. Needless to say, take this news with a very heavy pinch of salt.

August 26 2007

New interview with Tony Head about "Ripper." "It's more likely than it has been for some time... It's all about Fox now, whether Fox will give permission but the BBC [is] up for it." More...

August 06 2007

A interview with Joss (via NY Post). I'm putting this under general because it covers everything. Includes in the Firefly/Serenity bit my current favorite idea: Radio.

August 02 2007

Entertainment Weekly interview Joss. Joss expands on his exit from WW, the status of Ripper, the development of Goners and more. EW use the term "Nerd Prom", and don't horridly misquote Joss. All good.

July 30 2007

CCI: Joss on Buffy and Beyond. Since the one account was brief and now off the main page, here's's coverage of Joss' Dark Horse Panel with some more information. More...

June 09 2007

News From ASH's Official Website. ASH has been missing from my diet so long my stomach is growling, so I checked out his official site. More...

May 18 2007

'Faith' or 'Watcher' top IGN's list of Most Wanted Television Spin-offs. While they acknowledge that neither seem likely at this point, the crew at IGN declare that television without Joss Whedon is "just plain wrong". More...

September 13 2006

SMG attends fashion shows in NYC. On Monday and Tuesday, SMG attended New York's Fashion Week with Max Azaria, who I'm told is a designer, and attended other parties. More...

April 24 2006

Tony Head's talk from the SciFi Summit which was held in Pasadena last month. Snippets include Joss worship, auditioning for Giles and of course Ripper (headed for DVD?).

November 22 2005

Whatever happened to Ripper? TV Squad asks the question and as if by pure magic, here's the latest news from Tony Head. In the latest issue of the Buffy magazine, Tony says "It hasn't been mentioned [recently by Joss].... but it's gone from, being a series to a two-hour movie that might be part of a series of DVDs". More...

August 19 2005

Ripper: Cracker with Ghosts. Journalist Matt McGovern concludes his discussion on why he wants to see a 'Ripper' series, this time delving into the history of the show, and what he'd like to see in it. WARNING: Geocities site with Low Bandwidth. More...

August 07 2005

Ripper: The Trinity is Complete. Journalist Matt McGovern talks about why he would like to see Ripper as a spin-off series. "There is one character who appeals to me as somebody with spin-off credentials, as well as making logical sense in the continuation of the Slayer story. Rupert Giles, Buffy's mentor, father figure and Watcher." More...

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