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July 23 2014

Happy Birthday, Summer Glau! The Alliance removed her ability to grow old.

December 28 2012

Women of Whedonverse T-shirt. Want to wear Joss's most iconic (and one borrowed) women proudly on your chest? More...

May 23 2012

Badass Digest's TV Timewarp - Firefly: Episodes 4-6. Devin Faraci, Meredith Borders and Erin Callahan revisit "Bushwhacked", "Safe" and "Shindig". You can see their takes on "Serenity" and "The Train Job" here. -

February 06 2012

Firefly cake with crew cupcakes and light-up Serenity. Not much more to say than that, really. More...

January 31 2011

AssignmentX interviews Summer Glau. The actress talks her new series plus Dollhouse, Chuck and having something in common with her characters.

May 17 2010

First look at the "Big Damn Hero" River Tam maquette. According to a QMx Insider tweet, "Our BDH maquettes differ from the Little Damn Heroes by offering larger statues with more detail in a more traditional Anime style".

April 02 2010

New Jason Palmer Art: River vs Reavers. New Official Serenity artwork from Jason Palmer studios. Want.

December 31 2009

Whedon's Brunettes: Dark, Dainty, Disturbed and ... Disturbing? Pretty, fragile, damaged and dangerous -- what's the connection among these traits in female characters who occupy an important role in a number of Whedon works, and what's behind their creator's fixation? More...

December 15 2008

(SPOILER) TV Guide interviews Summer Glau. Spoiler warning for TSCC. When asked about the move to Friday, the pairing with Dollhouse and the Whedon connection; Glau: "We do, and I think the fans will band together and support us on Friday nights. We had a lot of competition on Monday, so I think this might be a good thing".

May 26 2008

Serenity Cast River Sword High Pose T-shirt. Here is a Larger image of the shirt.

April 15 2008

Summer Glau nominated as one of TV Guide's Sexiest Stars. TV Guide is planning an issue on the Sexiest Stars on TV. Summer's in the list of nominees for Sexiest Sidekick. The results will be announced May 5th. More...

February 19 2008

Wizard Universe's Top 25 Sexiest Women on TV. A puzzling list, but containing quite a few of Joss' girls. More...

February 07 2008

(SPOILER) Wizard's Summer Glau Interview. Wizard interviews Summer Glau regarding her role in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. More...

January 14 2008

Shiny tribute to all nine of our "Big Damn Heroes". Possibly the most motivational video of... ever. All Firefly clips utilized line up rather precisely with the lyrics, too! More...

December 05 2007

Serenity Blue River tee and Rainbow Jayne tee. Wish someone had the Blue River one when the movie poster was in theaters. More...

October 23 2007

New Serenity River T-shirt, Serenity Logo Coffee Mug, Shot Glass and Ceramic Shooter. Over two years out and still *NEW* Official Serenity Merchandise. T-shirt sizes S to 3X.

July 09 2007

"The Brute, the Brawler, and the Ballerina: Fighting Styles and Character Development in Firefly and Serenity". An article in the Journal of Theatrical Combatives. More...

July 06 2007

River triumphant. Some new pics and a review of the latest Serenity action figure.

June 28 2007

River is Triumphant Today. Chris at has an interview with Michael Leavey of Diamond Select Toys about their newly-released "River Triumphant" statue. More...

June 22 2007

Can't Stop the Serenity Custom Action Figure. Can't Stop the Serenity is auctioning off a customized 'River' figure that Ms. BigPileOfDust aka Sasha made for them. All proceeds will benefit Equality Now. More...

September 05 2006

DST Finds Serenity with 'River Triumphant' Statue. "Diamond Select Toys is excited to announce the latest addition to Joss Whedon's Serenity 'verse - this incredibly detailed statue depicting River's triumphant victory over the savage Reavers."

August 21 2006

Jason Palmer releases limited edition River painting - first in a series of Serenity character portraits. "All prints feature the Universal Logo and are signed and numbered by the artist... Each edition will be limited to a very small number, and each of the cast members will be presented with their own copy." More...

July 30 2006

River vs. Daredevil: who would win? You decide. (reg. req. to vote) More...

March 07 2006

A Serenity question on Ask MeFi. Can we answer it? More...

October 17 2005

(SPOILER) The Firefly 'Verse: Three Beginnings. "Joss Whedon's sci-fi western franchise may be unique in the world of television and film in that the storyline has not one, not two, but three disparate beginnings."

September 28 2005

(SPOILER) 'Firefly' Doc Talks 'Serenity.' talks to everyone's favourite doctor, Sean Maher. Couple of mildish character spoilers.

July 26 2005

Summer thanks her fans for their birthday messages left on her forum. Bless.

July 24 2005

Happy Birthday Summer Glau! Everybodies favourite girl of chocolate is 24 today. You can leave her a message via her website forum which she will be picking up.

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