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May 23 2007

Veronica Mars the next Serenity? Michael Ausiello reports that Rob Thomas wants to make a Veronica Mars movie, and namedrops Firefly as the little show that could - and did - inspire a feature film. More...

May 12 2006

Other people name-drop Buffy and Joss. A round up of whose bringing up Joss and the Buffyverse in interviews. First up, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence chats about Buffy's cult following. Then Rob Thomas briefly notes the difference between Buffy and Veronica Mars (spoilers for VM season 2). Brian K. Vaughan mentions Joss and Astonishing X-Men. And finally vampire authors Serena Robar and Mari Mancusi chat about their love of Buffy. More...

March 01 2006

(SPOILER) My next Buffy person would be Seth Green says Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas in the second part of this iFMagazine interview. Part one has Rob talking about emailing Joss about fan phenomena (contains spoilers for the latter half of Veronica Mars season two).

February 12 2006

Veronica Mars creator chats about Joss Whedon and The CW in this UPN internet show hosted by E! Online's Kristin. Prompted by her 'three actors come out of a building' scoop, Rob Thomas says he'd love a Joss show on The CW as long as it doesn't replace his own one. (Starts at 50:45 min, rest of chat contains spoilers for Veronica Mars). More...

October 20 2005

(SPOILER) UPN reveal details on November episodes of Veronica Mars featuring Joss, Aly and Charisma. And the plot thickens. More...

August 24 2005

(SPOILER) Joss E-mails Rob. Plus some not so informative mentions of the Spike TV movie. (spoilers for other shows). More...

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