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August 31 2016

Composer Robert Duncan talks about working on Buffy. His score for 'Chosen' is exceptional.

September 14 2013

'Binge-watching' viewership casts bigger spotlight on TV composers. Buffy's Robert Duncan gets quoted in this article about tv soundtracks.

October 26 2011

Robert Duncan is on Twitter! The composer on season 7 of Buffy (and a bunch of Whedon-adjacent TV) is on Twitter.

May 03 2006

"The Final Fight" used in One Tree Hill promo. It seems that the WB has excerpted parts from Robert Duncan's "The Final Fight" in the promo for the finale of One Tree Hill. More...

January 02 2004

Robert Duncan interview. The Buffy season 7 composer tells what it is was like working on the show. And remember you can download his Buffy scores at

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