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July 07 2010

Happy Birthday Robia LaMorte! Raise a glass to celebrate. And it's also Iyari Limon's birthday on the 8th.

May 23 2010

Robia LaMorte is wed. As per Clare Kramer's twitter. Seems there were peacocks about.

October 29 2008

Robia LaMorte will not be attending the Hallowhedon Convention. Last month there was an item about Robia being a guest at a UK convention in 2009. This is incorrect. The news section of her website has been updated to say "Robia will not be attending the convention... that is advertising her appearance".

September 26 2008

Hallowhedon Convention announced for 2009 at Heathrow, UK. The 1st guest announced is Robia LaMorte, aka Jenny Calendar. More...

August 16 2005

Robia Lamorte Has Shut Down the Forum Section of Her Website. Robia explains on her soon to be defunct Forums page that she did so because "the gossip and backbiting that goes on in Buffy world seems to be perpetuated by forums." More...

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