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May 03 2012

(SPOILER) Roger Ebert reviews The Avengers. He gives it three out of four stars. ETA: And The New York Times interview can be found here (h/t to C. A. Bridges) More...

December 21 2009

Roger Ebert names Trucker, co-starring Nathan Fillion, among year's best. The film finds itself on Roger's 2009 wrap-up list in the independent films section.

December 03 2005

Jim Emerson (editor of on TV and great movies. An ongoing discussion on the film critic's blog regarding TV quality vs. movie quality prompts a Buffy fan to chime in and compare Buffy to Lost.

October 22 2005

When is a Loading Dock not a "Loading Dock"? A reader takes Roger Ebert to task in his Answer Man column, for suggesting that Serenity had low-budget look. More...

September 30 2005

(SPOILER) Roger Ebert says Serenity has: '...breathless velocity, much imagination,' and 'the rough edges and brawny energy of a good yarn.' The famous film critic gives Joss Whedon's directorial maiden journey three out of four stars. So there. More...

September 27 2005

Preview blurb for "Serenity" on Roger Ebert's Website. Nice to see the film finally mentioned, and the blurb itself is fine, but read the caption under the photo. More...

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