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January 04 2008

Game Geeks reviews Eden Studios' Angel RPG. This has a good amount of detail on how the game plays and how it relates to the Buffy RPG and other games. More...

June 04 2007

Game Geeks reviews the Serenity Role Playing Game. More...

July 11 2006

ENnie roleplaying game Awards nominations including the Serenity Role Playing Game in the category of Best Production Values.

March 01 2006

Serenity Role Playing Game Game Master's Screen hits stores. It includes a poster with a floorplan of Serenity (and the RPG's example ship) at a scale for use with miniatures. Take a look at the poster here.

January 12 2006

Buffy RPG revised errata includes a funny correction of the most embarrassing typo. They've also updated the Angel corebook errata.

December 23 2005

Buffy Roleplaying Game Revised Corebook details online in time for the book reaching stores.

December 01 2005

Buffy Roleplaying Game Revised Corebook returns from printers and should ship out before Christmas, according to publishers Eden Studios on their official forums.

September 30 2005

Serenity Role Playing Game official site is live. So far it contains links to fan-created forums and character sheets, and an updated FAQ including "Where's the gorram character sheet?!"

September 14 2005

Serenity Role Playing Game FAQ including a question as to where the game's dedicated website is.

August 26 2005

Serenity Role Playing Game interior art depicting some of the crew's hardware.

August 24 2005

The Serenity Role Playing Game cover has been posted by its main author, Jamie Chambers, in this thread on the RPGnet forums about first impressions of the RPG, following preview book sales and demonstration games at GenCon Indy last weekend. More...

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