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December 22 2014

Reed Diamond's Christmas special podcast. It's his second Christmas podcast with Culturally Fixated. More...

January 29 2014

Rossum makes i09's list of 10 Bafflingly Incompetent Evil Corporations. Includes a video for a Rossum commercial I don't think I've ever seen before.

January 27 2010

Dollhouse makes Zap2It's Top 32 WTF? moments for January. Zap2It admits it went "WTF?" when Rossum's previously unidentified founder was revealed in the penultimate Dollhouse episode. Serious spoilage if you haven't seen it yet, so catch up already!

November 18 2009

Rossum website has a TV commercial. Although the return of Dollhouse is just two weeks away, Rossum, the parent company of the Dollhouses, has just produced an ad that is designed to be shown in TV markets around the world. It's safe to say it may make an appearance on the show before long.

November 14 2009

The next stage in the Dollhouse ARG. It all started with leaks of Rossum internal memos. Now there is a new company involved, Spectrin. Is this the end? Or a new start? More...

November 09 2009

Rossum Corporation has new website. In a clever way to promote Dollhouse's return in December, the Rossum Corporation has set up its own website explaining its mission. It includes the locations of some of the regional offices that could also be doubling as "Dollhouses". There's even a response to Senator Daniel Perrin's investigation which will be part of the show next month. More...

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