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May 03 2013

Meet the people making the Firefly RPG. (Also: female artists wanted.) The blog of the official Margaret Weis website offers a look at the people making their officially-licensed Firefly role-playing game. Relatedly, the art director is seeking female artists to balance his team.

January 18 2010

A review for the Big Damn Heroes Handbook. A fresh look at the newest piece of the Serenity RPG.

October 05 2009

GeekSix gives a primer on starting your own Serenity RPG. GeekSix Josh, the guy who gave Browncoats an online depot for RPG resources, gives his tips on a running a successful campaign in the 'Verse.

June 11 2008

Serenity Adventures available for pre-order. The all new RPG book from Margaret Weis Productions is listed on Amazon. It's also on the MWP site. More...

January 04 2008

Game Geeks reviews Eden Studios' Angel RPG. This has a good amount of detail on how the game plays and how it relates to the Buffy RPG and other games. More...

June 04 2007

Game Geeks reviews the Serenity Role Playing Game. More...

November 19 2006

Banyan Tree MUX: A brand new text-based roleplaying game played in real-time. Set after the end of Buffy and Angel, featuring an original setting and totally unique characters, it's an up-and-coming MUX that only recently opened its doors. More...

August 17 2006

MWP's Gen Con Serenity Role Playing Game demo adventures at Waves In The Black. Direct link to the Zip file here.

July 18 2006

Serenity Role Playing Game official character sheet. Two pages, black and white, right shiny-lookin'.

July 11 2006

ENnie roleplaying game Awards nominations including the Serenity Role Playing Game in the category of Best Production Values.

July 04 2006

Serenity RPG Wins Gamer's Choice for Best Role Playing Game of the Year. The fans have spoken! The Serenity Role Playing Game is the Gamer's Choice for Best RPG of the year in the 2006 Origins Awards. More...

June 20 2006

"Serenity: Leaf On The Wind" capsule review. Quick overview of this "new free online RPG with a few twists."

June 17 2006

New Episode of the "After Serenity" Podcast is Available. The newest episode, episode 4, goes into detail on the Judge and Author guidelines for the After Serenity campaign. The podcast also includes news about the Serenity RPG, Passport to the Jade Pool, and David, then Erin, contract Dragon's Landing-itis.

June 14 2006

Serenity RPG back to press. The Serenity RPG has been sent back to press for a fourth time.

June 10 2006

Serenity RPG Fan Resource site with a passel of downloadable resources like character sheets, a map of the 'verse, DIY ship floorplans, and an extrapolated, fully playable version of Tallcard.

March 21 2006

New Serenity RPG volume coming in May. 'Out In The Black' (not to be confused with 'Into The Black' or AC/DC's 'Back in Black') is set in a wild mining town way out there on the Rim.

March 01 2006

Serenity Role Playing Game Game Master's Screen hits stores. It includes a poster with a floorplan of Serenity (and the RPG's example ship) at a scale for use with miniatures. Take a look at the poster here.

January 16 2006

'Serenity: The Official Visual Companion' ranked 509 at Amazon. This site will tell you the top 10,000 books at Amazon. Do a search on the word Serenity and you also see that Finding Serenity is 648. More...

January 02 2006 Adds Listing for Serenity: Out in the Black. To ship on January 16. In the past day, it's risen in sales ranking from #315,380 to #7,487. It's an all new adventure for the Serenity Role Playing game. More...

December 23 2005

Buffy Roleplaying Game Revised Corebook details online in time for the book reaching stores.

December 01 2005

Buffy Roleplaying Game Revised Corebook returns from printers and should ship out before Christmas, according to publishers Eden Studios on their official forums.

October 21 2005

Interview with Tracy Hickman, about his involvement with the Firefly RPG in this week's Signal. Tracy Hickman, along with Margaret Weiss, are famous for their Dragonlance novels.

September 30 2005

Serenity Role Playing Game official site is live. So far it contains links to fan-created forums and character sheets, and an updated FAQ including "Where's the gorram character sheet?!"

September 14 2005

Serenity Role Playing Game FAQ including a question as to where the game's dedicated website is.

August 17 2005

Serenity Role Playing Game to Debut at Gen Con 2005. Jamie Chambers, the creator of the Serenity RPG posts on about the upcoming launch of the highly anticipated game at Gen Con this weekend. More...

July 29 2005

Buffy Roleplaying Game Revised Corebook on sale now and available as an ebook from before the print edition reaches stores (hopefully in the next month).

July 12 2005

Serenity Merchandise at TFAW - Just got an e-mail from TFAW announcing new merchandise. More...

July 09 2005

An eyewitness account of the Serenity tabletop RPG on the RPGnet forums, with a link to a site giving a look at the game's character sheets and an art preview (now reposted here).

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April 08 2003

Win a Buffy RPG.

July 19 2002

For consistency and clarity , the game master in this game is called the "Buff Master," and is always referred to as being of female gender...

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