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"And now, I'm just a *big* fluffy puppy with bad teeth. No! Not the hair! Never the hair."
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January 23 2014

Christina Hendricks talks Firefly and mostly about red hair. Christina gives a quick little shout out to the cast of the 'verse in a mostly fashion related piece. More...

September 16 2011

Christina Hendricks co-stars in "Drive", in theaters now! Not to be confused with Tim Minear's cancelled Fox series starring Nathan Fillion (as if there was just one). Although, I like to pretend the film is a prequel. More...

June 09 2011

Alternate lineup features Whedonverse characters. In the midst of a 9-game losing streak, a baseball blog dedicated to the Oakland Athletics proposes a new lineup, which happens to feature a couple of our favorite characters.

January 21 2010

Vote for the dress Christina Hendricks should wear to the SAG Awards. Every vote counts and supports Degree’s donation of $50,000 to Clothes Off Our Back. Hendricks’ red dress will be auctioned off by Clothes Off Our Back after the award ceremony.

October 24 2008

Our Mrs Reynolds goes from Mad Men to Life tonight. Christina Hendricks takes up her other role on television tonight as the recurring character Olivia on NBC's Life. ETA: Life is on Friday night but if you miss it you can catch it on hulu. More...

July 30 2008

Hollywood 411 interview with our Mrs. Reynolds. The show talks with the always lovely Christina Hendricks about the new season of her series Mad Men.

October 04 2007

Christina Hendricks in NBC's "Life". Our beloved Yo-Saf-Bridge appeared in tonight's episode of NBC's new show "Life," playing the role of the lead's father's bride to be "Olivia." More...

June 21 2007

The Verse's got talent. Some scintillating Sing a Song for Saffron songs for you to sing along to. More...

May 31 2007

Sing a Song of Saffron. Best Firefly competition in ages and Christina Hendricks is one of the judges as well.

September 28 2005

GeeksOn podcast on Firefly and Serenity. Christina Hendricks, who plays Saffron, is a guest in this episode. Get this, one of the host of the show, Aaron, is actually Christina's brother. More...

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