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December 16 2008

(SPOILER) Jeph Loeb talks Buffy. His highly anticipated Buffy Season 8 debut comes out tomorrow. Some of the proceeds from the sale of the comic book will go to the Sam Loeb Charity Fund.

August 25 2006

Sam Loeb Scholarship Fund receives $72,000 from Wizard World Auction. Earlier this month Jeph Loeb was in Chicago to auction off the original artwork from the Superman/Batman #26 comic to raise money for Sam's Fund. Jeph sent a letter to Wizard to post thanking everyone for their support and help.

June 19 2006

Superman/Batman #26 sells est. 118,821 copies. Superman/Batman #26, the Sam Loeb tribute issue, came in 10th in Quantity Ranking and 4th in Retail Rank with an estimated 118,821 issues sold. More...

May 30 2006

Superman/Batman #26 out this week. This is Sam Loeb's story. More...

May 15 2006

(SPOILER) Jeph Loeb talks more about "Superman / Batman #26". "Joss stayed with Cassaday 'cause... uh...well... you tell Joss what he can or can't do [laughs]!". The link contains spoilers for "Infinite Crisis".

March 27 2006

THR writes on the Sam Loeb story. "Sam Loeb was a superhero", Comic book released April 19.

March 18 2006

Sam Loeb and (a bunch of) The 26. A quick report from the frontlines -- of awesome! More...

February 21 2006

Superman/Batman #26 creators tell their 'Sam story'. A follow up piece to Friday's Newsarama interview with Jeph Loeb about his son Sam. In this new article, some of the creators of Superman/Batman #26 like Joss Whedon, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld and Brian K. Vaughan share their stories and memories of Sam Loeb. More...

February 17 2006

Jeph Loeb on "Sam's Story". Last June, Sam Loeb died at the age of 17 after fighting a three year battle against cancer. Find out how his father and Sam's friends (such as Joss Whedon and John Cassaday) got together to finish writing and drawing Superman/Batman #26 which Sam was working on. More...

September 01 2005

Joss pays tribute to Sam Loeb. Sam Loeb wrote a short story in "Tales of the Vampires". Sam died after a 3 year battle with cancer. It was revealed in this weeks Wizard Magazine by Jeph Loeb (Sam's father) that Sam was to be the writer for Superman/Batman #26, and had finished the plot and some of the dialogue. Jeph Loeb and others are going to pen the comic in Sam's memory. More...

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