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August 19 2017

Liz Craft and Sarah Fain interview Felicia Day for their podcast, Happier in Hollywood. In case you didn't know, TV writers/producers have a podcast about working in Hollywood. In episode 13 they interview writer, actor, and producer Felicia Day. More...

January 27 2012

Liz Craft & Sarah Fain on The Nerdist Writers Panel! In addition to the Angel and Dollhouse writing duo, this episode also features Angela Kang (The Walking Dead, Terriers) and Liz Meriwether (creator of The New Girl). WARNING: Contains adult language. More...

March 23 2011

Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain leave CW pilot 'Secret Circle'. It was reported back in October of last year that the Angel/Dollhouse duo had signed up for the project.

September 07 2010

Whedonverse writers working on The Vampire Diaries. Kansas City Star interview with Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain.

September 26 2009

(SPOILER) Writing team Liz Craft and Sarah Fain move to Lie to Me. Aaron Barnhart talks to the Mutant Enemy scribes about vacating the dollhouse, and some of the experiences on Lie to Me. More...

July 08 2009

Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft on leaving Dollhouse. Fain told the TV Barn: "We weren't looking to leave Dollhouse, but Tim Roth really liked our script last season, so the studio wanted us over here. It's a little sad, but everybody on LTM is great, and we're working with Shawn Ryan again, which is always a good thing. Plus, we have a great office!"

April 09 2009

Craft, Fain, Kranz, Lachman, Laurie added to PaleyFest lineup for Dollhouse. So says that Paley tweet and this one. Not yet updated on the panel page itself. This panel occurs next Wednesday, April 15. More...

March 27 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss the seventh episode of Dollhouse. Titled 'Echoes', this episode is written by Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft. And if you missed it, the episode is now available to watch at Fox on Demand and Hulu and is available for purchase on iTunes.

April 22 2008

Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain answer fan questions about Dollhouse! An exclusive question session was held with Dollhouse producers/writers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, which offered the fans a unique chance to ask these charming ladies about anything related to Joss' new show. And now, the answer are in!

March 07 2008

Production on Dollhouse pilot to begin on April 23rd. has some lovely little snippets of info from a Q&A session with Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft.

March 02 2008

"Dollhouse is going to be an awesome show". More comments from producers Craft and Fain regarding Joss and Eliza's new show.

February 27 2008

Writers for Dollhouse confirmed. Two familar faces will be returning to the Jossverse.

February 13 2008

Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain leave the production of "Women's Murder Club". Following strong indications that this show might be a goner, the classic Angel writing duo leave the show. More...

December 11 2007

Former Angel writer Sarah Fain talks about female writers in Hollywood. She gives praise to Joss Whedon and Shawn Ryan (another former Angel staffer) and also mentions how the strike is affecting her new show 'Women's Murder Club'.

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