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January 04 2017

Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals where she thinks Buffy would be today. She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "The burden of saving the world a lot always weighed heavily on her, so for her sake, I hope she is somewhere on a beautiful beach located far away from any Hellmouth."

December 09 2016

When Buffy met Illyria. And here's your Whedonverse pic of the year.

October 31 2016

You probably know more about Buffy than Sarah Michelle Gellar does. Watch Sarah Michelle Gellar play Buffy the Vampire Slayer trivia and totally fail.

August 08 2016

Sarah Michelle Gellar comments on 'Cruel Intentions' and 'Buffy' reboots. One is far more likely to happen than the other.

June 06 2016

SMG's 'Cruel Intentions' series gets an update. Roger Kumble, creator, weighs in on the series' progress after the pilot was leaked and received mostly positive reception.

April 14 2016

Sarah Michelle Gellar turns 39 today. Happy Birthday to our favorite slayer.

February 24 2016

Sarah Michelle Gellar officially on board for Cruel Intentions TV series pilot. She will play Kathryn Merteuil, the role she originated in the original '90s film.

February 08 2016

Buffy begins baking. Sarah Michelle Gellar has started a baking company called Foodstirs. There's a video of her talking about the company on and a promo video at Enjoy.

February 04 2016

Sarah Michelle Gellar gets asked if she thinks there will ever a Buffy reboot. She also got asked about the Cruel Intentions reboot.

October 23 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Good Morning America. She discusses Star Wars Rebels, Foodstirs, and Buffy is mentioned.

October 14 2015

The passion of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Great interview about her new endeavour Foodstirs. A quote about Buffy which didn't make the cut can be found here.

August 30 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seth Green, Patton Oswalt, and others pay tribute to director Wes Craven. The horror film legend passed away at age 76.

May 29 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar reunites with two Cruel Intentions cast members. Joined by Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair to watch a musical parody of their 1999 film.

April 14 2015

Happy birthday to Sarah Michelle Gellar. She turns 38 today.

March 03 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar is joining Star Wars Rebels' second season. SMG will provide the voice for an undisclosed role.

December 20 2014

'Veronika Decides to Die' to be released theatrically and on VOD on January 20th, 2015. The movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar has been shot in 2008 and is finally getting an US release. More...

October 22 2014

SMG says no to another Buffy role. When asked if she'd consider coming back to reprise her role as Buffy, the retired Slayer says "nay," unless her walker was a stake.

October 12 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar will judge the Australian Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards. She will be coming to Australia in October to celebrate the campaign.

September 18 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Seth Green reunite. The three Buffy stars met up for Gellar's daughter's birthday.

August 11 2014

Robin Williams dead at 63. Sarah Michelle Gellar's costar in The Crazy Ones has died, and will be sorely missed. In a statement to People Magazine, Sarah described Robin as "the Father I had always dreamed of having".

July 23 2014

Was Sarah Michelle Gellar really banned for life from McDonald's? Comic Book Resources examines this TV urban legend.

July 01 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar visited the set of "Bones" in February. With a picture of SMG with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.

May 09 2014

A preview of Sarah Michelle Gellar's Buffy autograph card. Some background info as to why this is a major deal for trading card collectors can be found at

March 05 2014

Cruel Intentions, 15 years later. EW looks at how the careers of the film's stars have progressed over the years (including Sarah Michelle Gellar's).

February 27 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar's AMA on reddit! Started at 6pm (EST).

January 08 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar wins People's Choice Award - gives Buffy shout out. Sarah took the opportunity in her acceptance speech to praise her seven years on Buffy and thanked the cast, crew and fans. How lovely.

January 07 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar visits Sesame Street. She talks with Elmo about disappointment in this clip.

November 16 2013

SMG comments on Buzzfeed Buffy rankings. Sarah Michelle Gellar tweets on "The Prom" episode of Buffy.

November 05 2013

The Whedonverse is represented in the People's Choice Awards Nominations. Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are among the nominees.

October 11 2013

Buffy reference in last night's episode of 'The Crazy Ones'. Find out what Sarah said in the bloopers part of the end credits. An animated gif of it can be found here.

October 02 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar remembers her first David Letterman Show appearance. She was on the Late Show on Oct. 1st, and Letterman brings up a picture of SMG as a young girl doing a safety skit.

October 01 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar joined Twitter! Robin Williams said "Welcome" to her.
Clark Gregg is a guest tonight on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to promote Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The show is on ABC at 11:35pm. Also doing the late night rounds is Sarah Michelle Gellar, who'll promote her new show 'The Crazy Ones' on 'Late Show with David Letterman' tonight. On related news Simon Helberg was a guest on last night's 'The Late Late with Craig Ferguson' More...

September 26 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV with The Crazy Ones. SMG talks about her role and working with Robin Williams.

September 09 2013

Robin Williams & SMG talk about their new show. Brief article & video on TV Guide online with Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar discussing "Crazy Ones" and who they'd like to guest star.

July 31 2013

Time for a Buffy movie Kickstarter campaign? Sarah Michelle Gellar weighs in. She does say if there ever was the right story, she and Joss would do the movie. Though "at this point, the stake would be my walker and I would be hobbling in."

July 29 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar comments on The Crazy Ones at the TCA. "Crazy Ones is such a joy.... We had a great time [shooting the pilot] and it was a great schedule. I've never had this much fun."

July 01 2013

TVLine previews "The Crazy Ones" starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. They call the show "promising" and compliment the strong cast.

May 22 2013

Full Trailer for The Crazy Ones. Sarah Michelle Gellar is also singing in it. Official Facebook Page can be found here.

May 20 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar on the 10th anniversary of Buffy's finale. "I'm incredibly proud of that show -- proud of everybody on it, of what we did... You can't be prouder of that show. It still holds up in reruns and I'm blessed every day ... I've been pretty lucky." There's some quotes from Danny Strong as well.

May 15 2013

How Sarah Michelle Gellar landed her role in 'The Crazy Ones'. She also touches on the possibility of guest starring on Agents of SHIELD.
"The Crazy Ones" preview, with Sarah Michelle Gellar. CBS just released the first look at the new comedy.

May 10 2013

"Crazy Ones" picked up by CBS. Sarah Michelle Gellar's comedy series is picked up by CBS. The comedy stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar as father and daughter and owners of an ad agency.

April 13 2013

Happy Birthday, Sarah Michelle Gellar! Our beloved Slayer turns 36 today.

April 04 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams together! It's manna for those who like to write Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Mork and Mindy crossovers.

April 01 2013

Script review for SMG's The Crazy Ones. "Imagine if Mad Men's Don Draper existed in the present day. He's still an advertising genius, using profound presentations to make last-minutes campaign saves, but now he's maybe a little crazy."

March 11 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar with a Buffy cake. The picture was taken this Saturday at Duff's Cake Mix. More pictures here. More...

September 24 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar gives birth to a baby boy! Congratulations!

May 11 2012

The CW cancels Ringer. According to TVLine, Ringer has been cancelled by the CW. EW's Inside TV provides a few more details on the cancellation.

May 03 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on The Simpsons. Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel, Sarah Silverman and Anne Hathaway will also guest star, all of them in the same episode featuring Bart's ex-girlfriends.

April 26 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant! She and Freddie Prinze Jr. will have a second child. More...

April 23 2012

Vote for Ringer in E! Online's Annual Save One Show. It has made it to the final round and it's main competition is Body of Proof. Help Ringer claim victory!

April 22 2012

Possession finally released in the UK. After a long wait, Sarah Michelle Gellar's Thriller is now available to purchase.

April 13 2012

Happy Birthday, Sarah Michelle Gellar! Our favorite Slayer is 35 today!

February 24 2012

Bullet Magazine: "Here's Why We're Still Obsessed with Sarah Michelle Gellar". Mrs. Freddie Prinze Jr. channeling Patrica Arquette in a True-Roman-esque photo shoot.

February 21 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar promoting Ringer on the "Rachel Ray show". Also, Misha Collins (Castiel from Supernatural) guest stars on tonight's Ringer at 9/8c on the CW.

February 12 2012

(SPOILER) Sarah Michelle Gellar invited to guest on American Horror Story. Creator Ryan Murphy wants to write "something glamorous and sexy" for her. Small spoilers for Season 2 of the show.

February 09 2012

New February Sweeps Promotional Photo For Ringer. Another beautiful promotional photo for Ringer, with Sarah Michelle Gellar as beautiful as ever. More...

February 07 2012

The 25 Hottest Women On Horror TV Shows. Gellar in #19 and Dushku in #9, the sexiest Vampire Slayers ever placed alongside names such as Deborah Ann Woll and Madchen Amick.

January 16 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar glows at the Golden Globe Awards 2012 Red Carpet. Is the first time Gellar steps on there, since she was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama, in 2000. And pics of Morena Baccarin on the Red Carpet can be found here.

November 16 2011

Confidence secrets from Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's an interview with Self magazine (and she's on the front cover too).

November 14 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar to be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Be sure to tune in!

October 19 2011

TV Guide gives FB users a chance to vote for their Dec 12th cover. SMG'S 'Ringer' is in the running, and Adam Baldwin might make the cover if 'Chuck' were to win.

October 15 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Conan' Interview. Video interview from 'Conan' little mention on Buffy and she thanks the fans. Also talks about her current show 'Ringer.'

October 12 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Simon Helberg to be guests on Conan tonight. Be sure to tune in. More...

September 30 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover of October's Health Magazine. She talks about her secrets to a healthy life.

September 26 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Chelsea Lately. It airs tonight. More...

September 22 2011

Who did SMG play on All My Children? Link to the first clip; here is the second. Sarah Michelle Gellar returned for a cameo before the soap comes to a close, not playing her original role. So how'd they do it? Watch.

September 14 2011

Ratings for SMG's "Ringer" are in! It scored a 1.2 Adults 18-49 demo, and 2.7 million viewers. In comparison, the cancelled Hellcats scored the same demo, and 300,000 more viewers last year. But as TV Line points out "it did open strong, giving The CW its largest audience in the Tuesdays-at-9 time slot in more than three years." More...

September 13 2011

The 10 worst new shows of 2011. ASH's 'Free Agents', SMG's 'Ringer' and 'Grimm' by David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf are cited.

September 12 2011

The entertainment press reviews Ringer. Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show premieres Tuesday on the CW. The NYTimes' Mike Hale has mostly positive things to say. SF Chronicle's David Wiegand says it's great fun. AOL TV's Maureen Ryan judges that it has some potential, but does not yet live up to its promise.
Big week for Whedon alums in talk-shows, SMG is on tonight's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Nathan Fillion is on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live and Tony Head will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Friday, September 16th.

September 01 2011

SMG reveals whether Ringer will have a musical episode. "I do not sing," Gellar explains.
Our Fall TV editors' picks. Ringer makes the top of Yahoo! TV's list.

August 29 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about Buffy. She talks about her memories of Buffy and little tidbits of her personal life in a video interview with EW. First of two parts, the second will be posted tomorrow. And there's a new promo of the cast here.

August 28 2011

The ten most unlikely action heroes of TV and film. Witney Seibold gives his list of actors he just doesn't buy as tough or physically intimidating. Sarah Michelle Gellar comes in at number 4. More...

August 24 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar dishes about going from 'Buffy' to 'Ringer'. It's an interview with, she's also on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

August 14 2011

Hitfix's early look at the pilot of Sarah Michelle Gellar's new series 'Ringer'. Spoiler-free, but mostly negative.

August 05 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar: 5 Things to Know. The Hollywood Reporter does a short focus on SMG.

August 04 2011

Confirmed: Sarah Michelle Gellar will guest on 'All My Children'. She said at the Ringer TCA panel, "I called up the casting director and told her I wanted to do something, that I want to be a part of it.".

July 26 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar's sexy new 'Ringer' ad. The poster that will be used for CW's marketing campaign on billboards, buses, and magazines.

July 22 2011

Ringer Comic-Con panel now on Buffyfest. No major spoilers.

July 21 2011

"I'm not trying to re-create Buffy and I'm not trying to top it". The Hollywood Reporter has highlights of a Ringer roundtable interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar at Comic-Con. has an interview with her as well as a sneak peek (i.e. a new trailer) at her new show and Screen Rant has coverage of the Ringer panel at Comic-Con.

July 20 2011

'Ringer' art with Sarah Michelle Gellar. has the exclusive first look.

July 19 2011

The Hollywood Reporter chats with SMG and other genre ladies. Gellar talks long hours, Wonder Woman and the Comic-Con experience. The video gallery can be found here.

July 14 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar rumored to be returning to All My Children. TV Guide reports that there are some whispers going around that Sarah Michelle Gellar has agreed to return to AMC for a farewell appearance before the show leaves ABC.

July 04 2011

(SPOILER) TVLine gives first impression of SMG's Ringer. Matt Webb Mitovich has seen the Ringer pilot and mentions what he likes and dislikes (mostly likes!). There are spoilers.

June 30 2011

A list of 10 new shows to look for includes several projects by Whedon alum. 'Ringer' with Sarah Michelle Gellar, 'Free Agents' with Anthony Stewart Head and 'A Gifted Man' with Julie Benz are all included.

June 27 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar will be at Comic-Con. Entertainment Weekly confirms our favorite Slayer's first visit to Comic Con since promoting The Grudge in 2004. She'll join the cast of Ringer, which will start on the CW September 13th. Joining her on the panel on July 21st at Ballroom 20 (according to TV Line) will be Nestor Carbonell and Ioan Gruffudd. More...

June 20 2011

Pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar from the Critics' Choice TV Awards. She was the presenter for Best Comedy Series.

May 26 2011

IGN Interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar. SMG discusses Ringer, and is funny. :)
Sarah Michelle Gellar wants to honor her fandom with 'Ringer'. A nice interview that also includes what excites her most about her upcoming series.

May 24 2011

(SPOILER) An extended preview of Sarah Michelle Gellar's 'Ringer'. The final :15 seconds contain what looks to be a major spoiler for the end of the first Episode.

May 19 2011

Promotional photos for 'Ringer'. Three promotional photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar in her new show. The timeslot has also been announced. Update: The promo is now online and there's an interview with Sarah at

May 18 2011

CBS President Nina Tassler on how SMG's pilot 'Ringer' landed at the CW. Calls SMG "a force to be reckoned with". More...

May 13 2011

SMG's Ringer picked up... by The CW? According to Deadline, the pilot for CBS is headed to its sibling network instead. UPDATE: Complicating matters (same link) ABC Studios has pulled out of the show, "citing that it cannot produce a series for the economics of CW." More...

May 11 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar comments on the Buffy reboot. "To try to do a Buffy without Joss Whedon?... It's the dumbest idea I've ever heard".
Buffy the Illiteracy Slayer. Pics of Sarah Michelle Gellar reading to children at a Los Angeles library for the Nestle Joy of reading program.

May 10 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about "Call of the Dead". There's also a clip of her in the studio reciting various lines of dialogue for the game.

May 06 2011

EW mention of Ringer's Fall chances. "... CBS loves Sarah Michelle Gellar but only likes her pilot.." Ruh Roh.

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