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March 12 2015

Composer Danny Elfman talks about filmography, 'Age of Ultron'. He mentions contributing to the score (go to 9:13), and incorporating part of Alan Silvestri's theme into a new "hybrid" theme.

December 16 2011

New Greg Edmonson interview. Brand new interview with the composer, covering "Firefly", "Uncharted", his early career, and more.

November 17 2011

Top Score interviews Greg Edmonson. Greg Edmonson interviewed on Classical MPR's video game soundtrack podcast. Direct link to the mp3. Firefly discussion starts at around 20:15.

November 04 2011

Alan Silvestri signed to score "The Avengers". Confirmed. Sorry, David Newman, Carter Burwell. More...

March 25 2010

Official site for Buffy/Angel composer Christophe Beck launches. Sound clips, news, and more. More...

January 21 2009

Composer for "Dollhouse". Rob Simonsen, whose previous credits include doing additional score on such films as "Surf's Up" and "Stone of Destiny" for film composer Mychael Danna and scoring at least a dozen projects himself, has listed on his site that he is the composer for "Dollhouse". More...

September 16 2008

Get "Exposition Song" from "Restless" on A new extended version offered as a special separate bonus track to the recently released BtVS score album. And the best part? You can have it for free! More...

September 08 2008

Buffy score CD hits stores. The album consists of music by Christophe Beck from seasons 2-5 and is also available at Amazon MP3 and the (U.S.) iTunes Store — the latter of which adds two bonus tracks to the album version. European release date is September 15.

August 10 2008

Eight years in the making: Buffy gets score soundtrack. According to Variety's "The Set List", Rounder Records will release a compilation of music from Christophe Beck's score for Buffy on September 9, 2008. More...

September 10 2005

Composer David Newman will talk about Serenity to journalist Daniel Schweiger, host of a new internet music radio show called On the Score. Newman is his first guest and you'll be able to tune in to the interview at on Monday, September 12.

July 17 2005

(SPOILER) SERENITY soundtrack samples on UK Cantstopthesignal site. Hear 4 clips from the movie score. More...

January 02 2004

Robert Duncan interview. The Buffy season 7 composer tells what it is was like working on the show. And remember you can download his Buffy scores at

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