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March 21 2014

Nicholas Brendon and James Marsters talk to CBR about Buffy Season 10. The Buffy veterans discuss writing comics, some stories from the early days of Buffy, and the differences between television and print.

November 21 2013

Dark Horse responds to James Marsters graphic novel reveal. Scott Allie chimes in. More...

October 17 2013

Scott Allie on editing, Whedon, Mignola, and more. Newsarama discuss with Allie the role of an editor in the production of the comics, with emphasis on how is like to edit Joss Whedon and Mike Mignola.

September 08 2012

Scott Allie (Whedonverse editor at Dark Horse) doing a Reddit AMA. Looks like it went up about three hours ago, and questions have started to be posted. As per Twitter, I guess he's going to start checking them.

July 01 2012

20-year Buffy panel at SDCC includes Kristy Swanson. On the final day of San Diego Comic-Con 2012, "[s]tars from the hit TV series Buffy... (Nicholas Brendon, Clare Kramer) join forces with Dark Horse editor Scott Allie, writer/producer Jane Espenson, illustrator Georges Jentry [sic], and the original Buffy herself (Kristy Swanson, star of the 1992 motion picture), not to mention a surprise guest or two."

June 25 2012

Oz Comic Con premieres in Melbourne this weekend with 5 Whedonverse guests! It'll be an awesome weekend for Aussie Whedonesquers inMelbourne, with five Whedonverse guests attending the first Oz Comic-Con this weekend. Sean Maher, Julie Benz and Fran Kranz will be joined by Jason Palmer and Scott Allie.

April 25 2012

(SPOILER) Interview with Dark Horse's Scott Allie. A lot of it is about BPRD but there is some good chunks about Buffy as well including spoilerish stuff for next issue and bits going forward.

March 27 2012

(SPOILER) Some Buffy Season 9 info from Dark Horse's Scott Allie. It may confirm what you've already guessed or then again, it might not.

March 23 2012

(SPOILER) Opinion piece on the current Buffy Season 9 controversy. Article sorta takes Joss to task a little for the perceived bailout on the issue at hand but Allie defends the man and makes it clear that this was the plan all along.

March 15 2012

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie talks Buffy Season 9 #6 and #7. In which recent major plotlines get discussed.

February 28 2012

(SPOILER) Scott Allie and Christos Gage talk Angel & Faith. It's the latest installment of Comic Book Resource's 'Behind Buffy Season 9'. Plus there's Steve Morris' mysterious Issue 11 cover art to gaze upon.

February 07 2012

(SPOILER) Scott Allie on Making "Buffy" Bold. A new article on Season Nine at Comic Book Resources.

January 13 2012

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie talks about Buffy's big changes. Find out what will happen as a result of the revelations in Buffy Season 9 #5.

October 15 2011

Interview with Dark Horse's Scott Allie on Buffy & Firefly comics. A short interview from New York Comic Con touches on Buffy Season 9, the future of Firefly comics from Dark Horse, and digital comic books.

September 30 2011

(SPOILER) Scott Allie's Slayalive Q/A for Angel & Faith #2. If you go to the second page and in the first post by Wenxina,you can see some answers Christos Gage gave on twitter as well.

July 24 2011

Pics of Joss Whedon at Comic-Con. As the Comic-Con coverage starts to wind down, here's some pics of Joss with some cast members from his shows. First up is Joss with Nathan, followed by Joss and Adam Baldwin, then Joss with Eliza Dushku and finally Joss with Scott Allie and Tony Head (big spoilers if you haven't read Buffy Season 8). Oh and here's a solo pic of Joss.

July 21 2011

(SPOILER) Scott Allie interview from Comic Con. Has some new spoilers for Buffy Season 9 and Angel & Faith.

June 29 2011

Dark Horse's Angel Omnibus gets released this week. That's according to Diamond's shipping list. The omnibus collects the comic book tales of Angel and co from 2000-2002. And Scott Allie writes about the comics at the Buffy Zone.

June 24 2011

A Bounty of Buffy: an interview with Dark Horse's Scott Allie. With the 'Last Gleaming' tpb currently at no.1 on The New York Times' Paperback Graphic Books list, the paper's Arts Beat section speaks to Scott about Buffy Seasons 8 and 9 and the Angel & Faith title.

June 15 2011

(SPOILER) Scott Allie posts images from 'Angel & Faith'. A bunch of preview images were posted in individual tweets. Not sure if they are going to permanently live on DH's site so that link points to his twitter for now. Anyway, check out the pics! More...

June 14 2011

(SPOILER) Top ten reasons to look forward to Buffy Season 9. Courtesy of Scott Allie at Dark Horse (and there's a panel from Angel & Faith #1 as well).
Pre-Order Buffy Season 9 at TFAW! You can now pre-order all 3 variants of Buffy Season 9, #1, at or start a Season 9 subscription. Some beautiful, amazing artwork by Jo Chen, Steve Morris & Georges Jeanty! More...

April 06 2011

Curve Magazine chats to Dark Horse's Scott Allie about Buffy Seasons 8 & 9. There's some nice insights into Buffy/Satsu, writing with Joss on 'The Last Gleaming arc' and comic book pacing. As ever, spoilers for youknowwhat in Buffy #39.

January 28 2011

A slice of the Whedonverse in 2011. Scott Allie talks to MTV's Splash Page about the Buffy Season 9, Dollhouse and Serenity comic books.

January 19 2011

(SPOILER) IGN interview Dark Horse's Scott Allie about Buffy. He talks about the end of season 8 and season 9. There's also an interview with him over at Buffyfest.

December 10 2010

(SPOILER) CBR's Behind Buffy Season 8 #39. Scott Allie and Georges Jeanty talk about the issue,tease Buffy #40 and season 9.

December 03 2010

(SPOILER) interview with Scott Allie about Buffy Season 8 #39. Contains some hints about #40 and Season 9. The first 2 parts are Buffy-centric, the third is more focused on Scott's other projects.

November 03 2010

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #38. It's the third part of the 'Last Gleaming' arc.

October 22 2010

The future of the Dollhouse comic books. Dark Horse's Scott Allie reveals all.

October 14 2010

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #38 6-page preview. Courtesy of CBR.

October 10 2010

(SPOILER) BuffyFest interview Scott Allie at NYCC 2010. Some spoilers about things to come... with yet another one word encapsulation of the notorious #39. Some announcements about other Whedonverse stuff too, including Dollhouse comics. Some more details on the Dollhouse book can be found HERE. Also some stuff about the Guild.

October 07 2010

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for the final issue of Buffy Season 8. The fortieth issue will be out in January.

October 06 2010

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #37. It's the second part of the 'Last Gleaming' arc (and it's written by Joss and Scott).

September 26 2010

Exploring Shepherd Book's back story. Zack Whedon and Scott Allie chat about "Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale".

September 09 2010

The next stage of Dark Horse's Whedonverse comic books. Scott Allie speaks to FEARnet about the Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Serenity and The Cabin in the Woods comic books.

September 03 2010

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie on Buffy #36. It's the return of Comic Book Resources "Behind Buffy Season 8" series.

August 03 2010

Scott Allie apologizes to crew behind the Serenity fan film "Bellflower". The Dark Horse editor acknowledges the unintentional influence of the fans' work on the comic Serenity: Float Out.

July 20 2010

Buffyfest and Scott Allie on Dollhouse, Buffy, SDCC. Clears up some things re: the Dollhouse comic (it will not be available at SDCC), discusses the Buffy motion comic, and talks a bit about Joss at the con.

June 06 2010

(SPOILER) SlayAlive interview with Scott Allie. A few tidbits about the latest Serenity comic, Riley one-shot, as well as Season 8 & 9. Spoilers for "Serenity: Float Out."

March 22 2010

(SPOILER) Part Two of Scott Allie at ECCC 2010. The second part to an earlier video. He continues to talk about Season Nine and also brings up Dr. Horrible, Angel and other Dark Horse projects.
(SPOILER) An epic interview with Scott Allie. The transcript of Mike Russell's wide-ranging interview with Scott Allie about the Whedonverse, comics, and sundries. Plus: hear how the Twilight reveal fiasco went down. Marked spoilers mainly for artwork from the upcoming Serenity comics. More...

March 17 2010

(SPOILER) TFAW presents part 1 of Scott Allie at ECCC 2010. Allie talks about some basic scheduling stuff: the 3-month break between #35 and #36, the Patton Oswalt penned "Serenity: Float Out", the Riley one-shot, some hype-building for Joss' finale. Also, the cliffhanger... it pertains to Buffy "Season 9", and cuts off at the worst possible moment. Wait for Part 2.

March 02 2010

(SPOILER) Buffyfest interviews Scott Allie about Twilight. Twilight's identity is mentioned, so beware spoilers. Includes an additional preview page at the end, where apparently "Giles explains the secret history of vampires and slayers." Interesting...

February 08 2010

(SPOILER) Full Scott Allie Q/A for Buffy #32. Spoilers for Twilight's identity are talked about.

February 05 2010

(SPOILER) Scott Allie's commentary for Buffy #31 and #32. It's the start of a new monthly feature called "Behind Buffy Season 8" at Comic Book Resources. Amongst the insight into various panels, there's a teaser page from Buffy #33.

January 19 2010

(SPOILER) Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #31 and the Twilight reveal. MAJOR SPOILERS for Twilightgate. Not surprising this was a major topic of the Q/A.

January 11 2010

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie apologises for the Twilight reveal. He explains what happened after the cover art for #34 got seen by the fans. Hopefully this should put an end to the whole affair and we can all move on.

October 11 2009

Recap of the Buffy season 8 panel at Baltimore Comic Con. Georges Jeanty, Jo Chen and Scott Allie were there to answer questions from fans. Amongst the Buffy tidbits, there's an update on the status of the Shepherd Book mini-series.

September 06 2009

(SPOILER) Full Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #28. He gives a lot of interesting insight into the latest issue.

July 25 2009

Dark Horse's Scott Allie reveals the next wave of Whedon comic books. There's info about the Dr Horrible comic book, the three part Shepherd Book tale, the Patton Oswalt penned Serenity one-shot, the Willow comic book and The Cabin In The Woods tie-in. More details can be found over at Buffyfest. Coverage of today's Dark Horse panel which includes details about the much talked about Buffy season 9 can be found at Comic Book Resources and Newsarama.

July 05 2009

(SPOILER) Scott Allie's Q&A for Buffy #26. You know the drill. The cool people at SlayAlive shoot Q's, the suave Scott shoots A's back.

July 03 2009

"What if"... with Dark Horse's Scott Allie. "What if" explores the alternate reality-type scenarios of our favorite Buffyverse characters. Scott Allie answers the first "What if" question.

June 29 2009

Scott Allie's Metal Crypt Interview. Dark Horse Comics' editor explains what he looks for in an artist, tells his own origin tale, and talks briefly with someone in one of the books he edits -- Robin Balzer of Buffy Season Eight! More...

June 24 2009

Scott Allie on Metal Crypt Today. Dark Horse Comics' editor will be second guest on internet radio show and the interview is scheduled to being at 5:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Pacific. More...

April 05 2009

(SPOILER) Scott Allie's SlayAlive Q/A for Buffy #24. More spoilerish for the current issue than upcoming issues.

March 19 2009

Did she say yes? The outcome of the Buffy #22 marriage proposal. Dark Horse's Scott Allie lets us know what happened with Dillon's letter. More...

March 02 2009

(SPOILER) Scott Allie talks about slayers and submarines. Scott addresses a controversy (read down) and discusses upcoming arcs and characters.

February 07 2009

Highlights from the Dark Horse panel at NYCC. The Buffyfest blog recaps the relevant Jossverse news (not much in terms of hard news but there's videos of the panel and who knew Twilight was really that person?). In related NYCC coverage, Marvel has announced that the first ten issues of Astonishing X-Men will be turned into Motion Comics. John Cassaday will be "directing" the animation.

December 05 2008

(SPOILER) Dark Horse Presents: Harmony Kendall's MySpace. Newly created MySpace page the character Harmony. Courtesy of Dark Horse, check back often for updates... More...
Dark Horse's Scott Allie on Storytelling in Comics. The editor guest blogs on MTV about inspiration and the collaborative nature of working on comics - specifically Buffy S8.

November 22 2008

Interview with Dark Horse's Scott Allie about Buffy season 8. He also mentions that there's hopefully going to be "two different [Serenity] minis over the next year" and maybe Dollhouse comic books too?

March 24 2008

(SPOILER) Scott Allie on Serenity, Buffy and the Joss Whedon Universe. Excellent interview with the Dark Horse editor. Spoilerish for Joss' next arc on Buffy season 8.

March 20 2008

Scott Allie Interview about Season Eight. Big overview and some new tidbits about the Buffy comic books, interlaced with info about Dark Horse's "Blood +". Includes confirmation of where all the Slayer Squads are set around the globe. Tries to be spoiler-free.

March 15 2008

(SPOILER) "I knew it would create not a ripple, but a wave". Georges Jeanty, Scott Allie and others comment on the reaction to Buffy #12.

March 09 2008

(SPOILER) "What makes it about Buffy?". Messrs Whedon and Allie provide a handy overview of Dark Horse's Buffy season 8. Don't read if you've still managed to remain totally unspoilt for Buffy #12. More...

February 07 2008

(SPOILER) Ask Dark Horse about Joss' comics. Fans over at put together a list of questions about Season 8, Serenity and more which editor Scott Allie answered. Mild spoilers.

October 04 2007

(SPOILER) Interview with Scott Allie. The podcast Strangely Literal talks with Dark Horse editor Scott Allie about Buffy Season 8, Sugarshock and Firefly comics. More...

October 03 2007

(SPOILER) The Slayer's Footprints - an interview with Scott Allie. The Dark Horse editor gives Fractal Matter the lowdown on Joss, Buffy season 8, Sugarshock and the next Serenity comic book mini-series (including the March release date).

September 28 2007

First look at the very special variant Buffy #10 cover. It's the first glimpse of Robin Balzer (the wife of the winner of Dark Horse's 'How Buffy Changed My Life' contest).

July 06 2007

He's the Executive Producer. Scott Allie updates the Buffy Zone about how much Joss is involved with Season 8. Some new info aswell.

June 05 2007

Whedon comics editor Scott Allie to appear at CSTS screening. The Portland, OR charity-screening organizers are "pleased to announce that Scott Allie -- Joss Whedon's editor at Dark Horse Comics -- will be our guest for the Friday night screening...." More...

May 17 2007

Dark Horse's Scott Allie talks Buffy season 8. This a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes. More...

March 24 2007

Talking about Buffy. Loads of lovely new Dark Horse details about the Buffy season 8 comic book series.

March 12 2007

(SPOILER) Scott Allie Season 8 interview. IF Magazine interviews Scott Allie about Season 8. No big spoilers but there are a few hints. Also a review of #1. More...

June 13 2006

New interview With Dark Horse editor Scott Allie about Buffy comics and Serenity. The Dark Horse Editor reveals a little more about the Buffy season 8 comics and talks Serenity. Fray is also discussed. More...

April 08 2006

Slayerverse Interview with Scott Allie. In this interview from last December, Scott Allie discusses the Buffy season 8 comics and the future of the Serenity comics.

October 08 2004

Buffy Post Mortem - week 1. An interview with Fabian Nicieza and Scott Allie about their experiences of writing and editing the Dark Horse Buffy comic book. Perfect reading material for the weekend. More...

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