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August 02 2012

A recap of the 'Girls Gone Genre' panel at Comic-Con. Marti Noxon and Jane Espenson were two of the panellists.

July 27 2012

CBR has a short video interview with Joss Whedon at SDCC. There's a transcript on the website as well. Goes into Buffy Season 9 plot points in some depth.

July 23 2012

Dark Horse's Scott Allie talks Buffy books, possible Firefly comics. There is also a video interview included in there. More...

July 22 2012

(SPOILER) SDCC12: Georges Jeanty video interview with Fanboy Comics. Two pieces of news in this 15 minute interview. One of the pieces of news is spoilery.

July 20 2012

Watch GeekNation's video of the 'Buffy Turns 20' panel at Comic-Con. Listening to the crowd react to the tribute video is pretty cool.

July 19 2012

Morena Baccarin's SDCC address to cast and fans. Morena Baccarin filmed a short video for the Firefly SDCC panel from the set of Homeland (which unfortunately wasn't shown!)

July 18 2012

CNN's Geek Out! asks, What's next for Joss Whedon? "In comic books, we're all at the top, and if it feels right, it belongs there and you don't have to go through a phalanx of suits. I don't know if [Dark Horse Comics editor] Scott Allie owns a suit."

July 17 2012

A Comic-Con minute with Joss Whedon. MTV has a quick chat with Joss. If you're still holding out for a director's cut of The Avengers getting released in the cinema, then prepare to be disappointed.

July 16 2012

Joss Whedon talks Buffy Season 9, Firefly, The Avengers and more. It's a jam-packed video interview from Comic-Con courtesy of G4 TV.
Forbes interviews Felicia Day, "The Queen Of Comic-Con." "I always buy a new set of dice at the end of the Con, and get signed books from comic artists and authors."
Nathan Fillion's second (and third) NerdHQ panel videos. Nathan charmed his way into getting a second full-on solo panel at Nerd Machine's NerddHQ on Sunday where he auctions off stuff for charity. Also, a video from Saturday's mystery panel with Zach Levi, Nathan, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau: Part 1 and Part 2. More...

July 15 2012

Firefly at Comic-Con, one last thing. It's an utterly brilliant behind-the-scenes pic featuring Joss, Nathan and Alan.
A recap of the 'Buffy Turns 20' panel at Comic-Con. Clare Kramer, James Marsters, Nick Brendon, Jane Espenson, Randall Batinkoff, Scott Allie and Georges Jeanty were in attendance. A live blog of the event can be found here.
A God Among Geeks. So says The Guardian in a piece on Joss Whedon's standing in the geek world from Comic-Con.
Dark Horse's Joss Whedon Comic-Con panel video. This is not the same as the Firefly panel or the Nerd HQ Q&A.

July 14 2012

A Firefly reunion photo. On Friday put online photos from the Science Channel's Firefly round-table.
Joss Whedon's NerdHQ panel kicks off. Follow it live on ETA: Link changed to a recording of the panel.
Overview of the Robot Chicken Panel at Comic-Con. Seth Green and crew talk about plans for the upcoming 6th season, including a guest spot from Tom Hiddleston.
Morena Baccarin on Firefly's 10 year anniversary, Comic-Con and diversity. She couldn't be at yesterday's panel but to make up for it, there's a very good interview with her at The Huffington Post.
Watch a video of yesterday's Firefly reunion panel. have the panel up on YouTube as well. And you can watch videos of the post-Firefly panel press conference at the (scroll down to the bottom of the page and yes they were joking about a reboot).

July 13 2012

Joss's Dark Horse panel at SDCC. The panel is scheduled to run 5:30-6:30 PST. Come chat about it here! A live blog of it can be found at ComicBookResources and Newsarama. Things to note is that Dr. Horrible will air on The CW and Joss is scoring Much Ado About Nothing.
Nathan's panel on NerdHQ streaming live soon. Follow the livestream at ETA: If you missed Nathan's Q&A, you can watch it here.
Firefly reunion panel at Comic-Con kicks off shortly. Hopefully we'll be getting live updates via Twitter from the likes of @ScienceAt, @lisatwingomez and @Firefly10th. If there's any major announcements, this entry will be updated accordingly. Oh and you might want to check out the reunion photos at ETA: HitFix is live blogging the panel as is Leaky News, hypable and CinemaBlend. has lovely pics of the panel. And if you want to be overwhelmed, check out this recap of what happened at the end of the panel (video of it here). Hypable is also covering the post Firefly panel press conference.
Joss Whedon is working the line waiting for Friday's 'Firefly Reunion'! Evidently there are a lot of Browncoats lined up in the rain overnight waiting for the panel on Friday. At one point (a couple of hours ago) Adam Baldwin walked by to say 'Hi', but about a half hour ago Joss showed up and is taking his time walking the line and signing autographs. More...

July 12 2012

Pictures from QMX booth at SDCC including "Little Damn Heroes" cartoony statues of Book and Inara, Penny from Dr. Horrible and a more realistic version of Felicia Day as Codex in the Guild, and a "cut-away" model Serenity where you can lift off the roof and see into the dining room.
We're getting the crew back together - Science's Firefly reunion show teaser. This will open the Firefly 10th anniversary panel tomorrow at Comic-Con.

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