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February 05 2008

Patrick on Joss Whedon: Joy, Art and Realism. Writer Geoff Klock debates a friend's criticism of the ongoing BtVS comic series, revisiting some familiar flashpoints in the show's history (S6-7) while offering his perspective on Whedon's vision for the characters. More...

March 02 2006

Notes from the Wasteland: A writers medium. Article about the power of writers in television. Mentions Joss as an example of how the quality of a show declines when the head writer leaves.

September 09 2005

Factory X to release the Urn of Osiris prop replica. Factory X reveals the newest addition to their lineup of Buffy prop replicas... the Urn of Osiris, used by Willow to raise Buffy from the dead in "Bargaining". The Urn has a SRP of $59.99. More...

February 08 2004

Going Through The Motions Buffy Season Six DVD Info More...

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