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January 15 2010

Dollhouse finale delayed from Jan 22nd to Jan 29th. ...due to Haiti telethon on a slew of networks. A more official link will come soon. Update: There's a thread over at .org for planning fan efforts to help.

September 29 2009

Additional promo pics for Dollhouse Season 2. SpoilerTV has some additional Season 2 promo photos with the rest of the Dollhouse cast (i.e. this time no Eliza).

July 22 2009

First day of shooting on Dollhouse Season Two! So says Maurissa Tancharoen. More...

June 19 2009

Australia's FOX8 picks up Dollhouse for a second season. According to the network's Twitter account, the season will air later this year, "soon after the S1 conclusion." More...

May 21 2009

The Joss Whedon method--or, why Dollhouse season 2 is a good thing. Blast magazine gives nine reasons why Dollhouse getting a second season is happy news for all. More...

May 12 2009

"Dollhouse fans shouldn't lose hope". So says James Hibberd's sources. "[D]espite the show's recent ratings, the show is still alive. Whedon pitched the network on his vision for season two late last week. Discussions have commenced between Fox and the studio about how to make the show work financially."

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