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June 27 2012

Planning against the sequel. Why not every genre movie needs to be a franchise. Cabin In The Woods is cited as a prime example.

March 19 2010

Neil Patrick Harris thinks the Dr. Horrible sequel will be on the big screen. NPH speculates on the future of Dr. Horrible: "I don't know what their plans are, but I don't think it will be on the Internet."

October 04 2006

Those Joss Whedon Serenity sequel comments. In light of the growing coverage of Joss' comments made here at the weekend, here's a special one-off Whedonesque blog entry for posters to discuss the remarks and indeed the coverage as well. (ETA - now with extra vitamins and a Joss post). More...

September 15 2006

A Browncoat talks with Universal about Serenity's Perfomance [perhaps]. A browncoat says he's contacted a wearer of a larger than standard wig at Universal and spoke of the Serenity Numbers with him directly. Take it for what it's worth. It might be true, might be so much internet hoey. But it seems legit, and the poster has a long history.

December 08 2005

Sarah Michelle Gellar - just a brief appearance in 'The Grudge 2'. Clarification, via the Hollywood Reporter and Sam Raimi, of Sarah's role in the sequel.

December 05 2005

SMG Holds Another Grudge. SMG is reprising her role in the follow up to The Grudge, aptly titled The Grudge 2. Filming starts in January for an October 06 release. More...

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