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August 05 2007

Serenity Worldwide Box Office more than Budget. According to Box Office Mojo, Production Budget was $39 million. So Domestic Total Gross: $25,514,517 + Foreign Total Gross: $14,935,769 = $40,450,286. More...

November 29 2005

Serenity opens # 5 in Germany. The box-office figures are $406,769 for the opening weekend of Serenity, which puts it at #5 after Potter, Exorcism, Shoes and Christmoose Carol. The movie has also opened at number 5 in Austria and is still doing well in its second week in Estonia.

November 07 2005

Serenity still making some money. "And just because it's there, and because I can't champion the film enough, Serenity took in $188,000 this weekend, bringing its total to $25.168 million. People don't know what they were missing with this one." More...

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