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September 03 2007

Serenity Collector's Edition DVD review from Chud. The new Serenity DVD gets a nice review from Chud.

September 02 2007

Sales figures for the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD. According to The Numbers website, the DVD debuted at no. 25 on their sales chart and sold an estimated 32,396 copies. For its first week of release, it made approximately $580,429. More...

August 21 2007

Out today! The Serenity Collector's Edition DVD! Two disc special edition! Lots of extras including the Session 416 videos and a new cast commentary! Whose getting a copy? More...

August 19 2007

DVD Talk reviews the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD. And they love it. "This is a film for the masses, a bona fide kickass movie with wide-reaching appeal".
A Serenity Collector's Edition DVD promotion. SerenityStuff reports that Best Buy will be offering a free Serenity comic book with the DVD. More...

August 07 2007

No. 2 "It makes you tingly." No. 27 "Whistling innocently". No. 27 (which is in the comments) makes me think maybe that is the one of the reasons the DVD was pushed back from July to August.

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