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February 02 2006

VideoScan's figures place US Serenity DVD finishing 4th week at 17th place. With 6.5% of the sales of The Wedding Crashers first week. The Australian DVD launches this time next week, with a special edition mouse mat also now available. More...

December 29 2005

Hollywood Reporter places Serenity as 3rd place DVD seller for first week.

December 27 2005

Rogers Video tag Serenity as 7th highest rental for 1st week in their Canadian chains, which should give an indication of interest amongst the general (non-interweb) community. Reed Business Information's Video Business Online should publish their DVD sales index charts tomorrow.

December 12 2005

Serenity climbs to 4th on DVD at Amazon for preorders, well above Firefly and Universal's 40 Year Old Virgin. Additionally, whistler reports seeing a Serenity DVD TV advert.

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