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August 05 2011

'Freedom in an Unfree World' - a 'Verse essay. This libertarian examination of Firefly and Serenity comes from the 'Serenity Found' collection of essays.

June 23 2011

The introduction to 'Serenity Found'. It's written by Jane Espenson and if you're a Firefly fan, it's worth checking out.

February 20 2010

"Mars Needs Women" - a Firefly essay. Taken from 'Serenity Found', this essay looks at why Firefly is the cure for science fiction's problems.

January 20 2009

Bruce Bethke posts essay from Serenity found on his blog. On his blog, author Bruce Bethke posts the essay originally published in Jane Espenson's Serenity Found, titled Cut 'em Off at the Horsehead Nebula!. More...

December 05 2007

Interview with Jane Espenson by Shanna Swendson at Trashionista. A chat about Serenity Found and Jane Austen.

November 13 2007

Pink Raygun interviews Jane Espenson about "Serenity Found" and other Janesian projects. This is part of her whirlwind promotional blog "tour." She is articulate and upbeat, as always. More...

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