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"What'd you all order a dead guy for?"
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September 17 2010

Film sequels that never happened. Serenity 2. Alas.

August 08 2008

Alan Tudyk hosts Secret's Out. Alan shares his DVD picks and interviews a former co-star. Alan and Nathan Fillion discuss Slither, Waitress, Dr. Horrible and a tv series/film they worked on together. Alan also asks Nathan the question that often lands Firefly actors in trouble.

March 22 2007

What one-off sci-fi film would you like to see a sequel to? Serenity is among the choices in today's IMDb poll (which is now closed btw).

September 29 2006

Joss in London with Warren Ellis and chums, says Warren. Oh, the power of the interweb to freak Joss out. In fact Joss posts about it in the comments section. And there's no sequel for anything. More...

September 20 2006

(SPOILER) Jewel talks Serenity 2 concept at Starfury convention in London at weekend. Clearly: spoilers 3:16, although it's only a smidge on the concept of the movie. But spoilerphobes will want to avoid. More...

September 15 2005

"Sounds good to me" - Joss on the Serenity trilogy. The final part of the Now Playing magazine interview. Insights from Joss about the marketing of the movie and its possible sequels (and who apart from him should direct them).

August 12 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity - "It's a tale that'll continue". Interesting tidbits via a "source" about the sequels.

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