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June 21 2017

Seth Green to make feature directorial debut with 'Changeland'. The movie is set in Thailand and Seth will also star in the movie.

January 27 2017

Seth Green guest stars on "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." The episode airs tonight on the CW.

August 30 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seth Green, Patton Oswalt, and others pay tribute to director Wes Craven. The horror film legend passed away at age 76.

March 11 2015

Support Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's IndieGogo Project "Con Man". Alan & Nathan are trying to fund their new series "Con Man" through IndiGoGo. The series follows an actor (played by Alan Tudyk) who was once the pilot on cancelled sci-fi series and his trip around the various sci-fi conventions he visits. There's interviews with Alan and Nathan about the project at and More...

September 20 2014

Video of Joss Whedon and Seth Green at the Gallery1988 exhibition. This is from the Whedonverse art exhibition in Los Angeles (which finishes on the 27th).

September 18 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Seth Green reunite. The three Buffy stars met up for Gellar's daughter's birthday.

May 08 2014

Fox cancels Seth Green's sitcom 'Dads'. 'Surviving Jack' and 'Enlisted' also bit the dust.

February 17 2014

Looks like there was a little informal Whedonverse reunion yesterday. Maurissa, Jed, Felicia, Seth, Nathan... I'd hang out with these guys any day!

November 19 2013

Video interview with Seth Green about his company Shodog. What Mr. Green is doing these days as a producer.

October 25 2013

Seth Green's 'Dads' gets full-season order. Fox has picked up the back nine for a full season of 22 episodes.

October 15 2013

New season of 'Husbands' will be entirely available internationally on YouTube on October 17th. The new season premiered back in August 15th via CW Seed, will finally be viewable outside the US this month. Created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, this new season includes Amy Acker and Seth Green among the guest stars. UPDATE: Worldwide release will be via CW Seed Youtube Channel. More...

July 20 2013

(SPOILER) Buzzfeed's SDCC party report with Husbands' clip. Buzzfeed's post has clips of shows shared at last evening's apparent drinkfest outside SDCC. The clip from Husbands' upcoming season on CWSeed is great. Enjoy!
Video for the Nerd HQ Conversation with Joss Whedon. Also, here's the video from the Robot Chicken panel, which includes Seth Green.

July 19 2013

Auction Posters for Nerds Versus Aliens Charity. "The superstar nerds have posed for an impressive array of pictures and posters that will be on sale at Comic-Con this year." Proceeds go to Operation Smile.

April 10 2013

Seth Green talks about his busy schedule. Short interview with Seth Green by CNN. Talks about "The Story of Luke" which is in select theaters & "Sexy Evil Genius" available On Demand starting tomorrow. (With bonus Dawn!)

April 07 2013

"Nerd Prince" Seth Green stars in autism movie. Seth talks about his successful career, the difficulties of his new role, and his 17th year doing Comic Con.

March 25 2013

Seth Green cast In Seth MacFarlane pilot for Fox. Everyone's favorite werewolf and co-creator of Robot Chicken will be in the pilot of "Dads", about two guys who are stunned to learn their dads (played by Peter Reigert and Martin Mull) are moving in with them. Green will be the co-owner of a successful video game business.

March 18 2013

Seth Green to be a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight. Be sure to tune in.

March 14 2013

Michelle Trachtenberg & Seth Green in Sexy Evil Genius trailer. Michelle Trachtenberg plays Miranda Prague and is accompanied by Seth Green as Zachary Newman. More...

February 14 2013

Robot Chicken season finale preview where unlike his many short-lived sci-fi series, Joss is back from the dead, and not happy about Network TV.

January 10 2013

Seth Green on WTF with Marc Maron today. "The showbiz veteran talks with Marc about putting expectations on child stars, surviving the tabloid culture, creating Robot Chicken, letting it all hang loose on Family Guy and keeping calm while working with George Lucas." More...

December 13 2012

Seth Green discusses upcomng reunion with Alyson Hannigan. Short interview with Seth about his upcoming episode on How I Met Your Mother and the Christmas special of Robot Chicken. Plus, what's so tacky it's cool ornaments are hanging on Alyson's tree?

October 26 2012

Seth Green to guest on "How I Met Your Mother". Willow and Oz back together at last!

October 05 2012

Seth Green guests on Save The Supers season finale. The web-only superhero satire wraps up its first season. Felicia Day has also appeared. More...

September 07 2012

Seth Green dishes the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special. Seth talks about the RCDC special, which is airing Sept. 9 and includes Nathan Fillion, Paul Reubens, Megan Fox, Alfred Molina, Breckin Meyer, and Neil Patrick Harris among the voice cast.

August 24 2012

Star Wars Detours announces some Whedon-related talent on board. Aside from Seth Green's position in creating it, Jane Espenson will be writing and Felicia Day providing some voice work for the new animated comedy series.

July 14 2012

Overview of the Robot Chicken Panel at Comic-Con. Seth Green and crew talk about plans for the upcoming 6th season, including a guest spot from Tom Hiddleston.

May 05 2012

Sexy Jedi bubble bath. Seth Green directs a parody ad about two Jedi women and a werew... I mean Wookiee.

May 02 2012

Seth Green is a guest at the Nerdist Podcast. He talks about juggling multiple jobs at once, the days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the art of toy collecting.

October 28 2011

Seth Green's letter to his younger self. It's from a book called "Dear Me" where celebrities write letters to their 16-year-old selves. Seth's letter is really good, check it out.

October 25 2011

Felicia Day, Christos Gage, Seth Green, Georges Jeanty to appear at the Long Beach Comic Con. The event will be Oct 29-30.

October 21 2011

Seth Green is creating an animated Star Wars sitcom. Apologies if this has already been posted, but the article is dated today.

October 06 2011

ABC commits to a pilot written by Seth Green and others. It is described as a "Sci-Fi White House Drama".

August 17 2011

Seth Green to Star in 'The Story of Luke'. Seth just Tweeted the Variety link - click through for full details, brief plot excerpt below. More...

July 14 2011

Christina Hendricks gets nominated for an Emmy. Seth Green's Robot Chicken got three nominations. More...

June 01 2011

Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg join 'Sexy Evil Genius'. The indie drama also stars Katee Sackhoff.

May 25 2011

Seth Green scheduled for The Late Late Show tonight on CBS. Be sure to tune in.

March 06 2011

Seth Green to be a guest on Conan tonight. Be sure to tune into TBS.

February 19 2011

Seth Green interviewed in the March issue of Playboy's 20Q feature. The page itself seems to be nudity free, but you might not want to visit at work.

February 06 2011

Seth Green wins an Annie award. Seth and his Robot Chicken cohorts won an Annie award last night for Writing in a Television Production. More...

January 07 2011

Seth Green comments on Joss Whedon and the Buffy reboot movie. And there's some info about what to expect from the fifth season of Robot Chicken which premieres this Sunday.

December 07 2010

Seth Green Guesting on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart tonight. (Tonight being Dec. 7) Seth will be talking about his upcoming Star Wars Robot Chicken take-off.

October 15 2010

Seth Green talks to CNN about "ControlTV". Link includes a brief video of Seth and an article containing more details about the new web series he is co-producing with Matt Senreich, his Robot Chicken partner.

October 09 2010

Alyson Hannigan to guest on 'Robot Chicken'. Seth Green confirms the news at the Robot Chicken panel at New York Comic Con.

September 19 2010

Seth Green joins Twitter! Our favorite stoic werewolf has joined up. More...

September 10 2010

The "Geek and Gamer Girls" song by Team Unicorn. Featuring Seth Green and Michele Boyd of the The Guild fame. And at least one Whedonverse reference too. Possibly NSFW, just saying.

September 01 2010

Seth Green producing online interactive reality show. Along with his Robot Chicken partner, Matthew Senreich, Green has been tapped to do "ControlTV." More...

August 21 2010

NPH wins his first Emmys! Neil won Creative Arts Emmys for his guest spot on Glee and for hosting the Tonys. He's still up for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for How I Met Your Mother -- the primetime Emmy awards are next Sunday. edit: and Seth Green won Short-Form Animated Program for Robot Chicken! More...

July 23 2010's Comic-Con star portraits. Not only is there a great J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon pic, there's also ones of Seth Green and Felicia Day.

July 11 2010

Seth Green's guest spot on Warren The Ape. This aired on MTV last week, but I didn't find a posting about it. There's even a Buffy shout-out near the end. The video may only be playable in the States. Not sure.

July 08 2010

Neil Patrick Harris nominated for two Emmy awards. He got nominated for "Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series" and "Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series" i.e his Glee spot. Christina Hendricks got nominated for "Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series" and Seth Green features in the "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance" category.

June 18 2010

SFX Magazine's most exciting names working in science fiction today. This month's SFX has this year's Top Hot 50 and their website now has the top 20 names from that list. Joss comes 20th and Seth Green is 15th. More...

May 01 2010

Seth Green Married? Weird Al says YES! According to Weird Al's Twitter post, he attended Seth Green and Clare Grant's nuptials today! Congrats to the lovely couple!

March 28 2010

Seth Green at Wrestlemania XXVI. Seth was seen sitting behind the commentators in the audience earlier this evening. He previously hosted an episode of WWE Raw last summer.

January 21 2010

Two more seasons of Robot Chicken ordered. That's 40 more times you'll see Seth Green and friends messing about. More...

September 13 2009

Seth Green to appear on Last Call with Carson Daly on Sept 16th. Buffy's resident werewolf will be visiting Carson during his premiere week; watch it at 1:35AM on NBC.

June 09 2009

Seth Green announced for Melbourne and Auckland Armageddon Expo. Melbourne: October 17/18th, Auckland: October 24-26th. More...

April 08 2009

Jane Espenson will be on the Battlestar Galactica panel at Paleyfest. If that isn't exciting enough, Seth Green will be the Special Guest Moderator.

February 27 2009

Seth Green to Mars. Says THR: "[W]ill star in Walt Disney Pictures' 'Mars Needs Moms,' Disney and Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers' adaptation of the Berkeley Breathed children's novel."

February 05 2009

Interview with Seth Green. Fancast interview about Seth's work on Robot Chicken, Family Guy and geeking out over Star Wars.

January 27 2009

Seth Green co-stars in Episode 4 of David Faustino's internet series "Star-ving". Definitely RATED R!! Also featuring Ed O'Neill, Katey Segal and Christina Applegate. More...

January 09 2009

Buddy TV Lists the 100 Best TV Episodes of 2008. Included are HIMYM, Chuck, Bones, T:TSCC, Dexter, Mad Men, Seth Green's My Name is Earl episode as well as American Dad, and Leverage.

November 20 2008

(SPOILER) A clip of Seth Green in 'Heroes'. This episode will air next Monday.

November 16 2008

Seth Green Takes Entertainment Weekly's Personality Quiz. Seth talks about his least favorite Star Wars death, the one thing that he wishes he still had from his childhood, and his karaoke skills. Oh, and maybe a little something about a certain guest stint. Not to worry spoilerphobes there is nothing to fear here.

November 11 2008

Seth Green scales the Sydney Opera House. Must be all that werewolf still in him.

October 16 2008 interviews Seth Green on his "Sex Drive". Other topics of discussion include his gestating directorial debut and -- wait for it -- Joss Whedon, Ron Moore and Seth MacFarlane all guest-voicing the season opener of "Robot Chicken"!

October 02 2008

Dingos Ate My Baby - A real-cool fake band. Entertainment Weekly has selected Buffy the Vampire Slayer's very own Dingoes Ate My Baby as one of 20 Real-Cool Fake Bands from TV and Movies.

August 22 2008

Seth Green is a rare TV star who actually watches TV. AP story mentions Seth Green as one of the few television actors who actually watches TV regularly. More...

August 11 2008

Seth Green negotiates guest stint on "Heroes". EW's Ausiello reports on negotiations for multi-episode arc.

August 05 2008

'Can't Hardly Wait' 10th Anniversary DVD to be released. Amber Benson, Seth Green and several other Buffy alum star in 'Can't Hardly Wait' which is getting the 10th anniversary DVD treatment in September. More...

July 23 2008

'Robot Chicken: Star Wars' Sequel Is In the Works. The Seth Green directed sequel is set to air on November 16th. More...

June 26 2008

Oz: the most quotable character on Buffy? A quick little feature by the TV Squad on why Oz contributed to the humor and awesomeness of BtVS.

June 11 2008

Oz to show up in Robot Chicken? In an interview with Moviehole Seth Green shared this little tit-bit "I donít wanna tease it too much, but we have a bit [of Buffy] as our fourth-season opener that Joss Whedon is in", says Green. Matt adds, "Without giving anything away, Oz may or may not show up in that same episode."
Seth Green to guest star on NBC's "My Name is Earl". He'll play a former Make-a-Wish child whose wish was ruined by Earl.

April 23 2008

Seth Green on Conan tonight. At least where it's still April 23. More...

March 20 2008

Joss and Seth talk Battlestar Galactica. The special Battlestar Galactica: Phenomenon, previously mentioned here as being broadcast on March 28, already is online at the SCI FI Channel website (contains very mild spoiler for season 4).

March 17 2008

See Seth Green's Doodle. Seth doodled this for the annual Doodle Day auction fundraiser for Gillian Anderson's neurofibromatosis foundation. Bid, win, and help!

February 18 2008

Seth Green "offered his services" to Joss for Dollhouse? So says The Courier-Mail out of Australia. It's entirely unclear if this simply is at the same level as Michael Muhney saying he'd love to be involved.

February 12 2008

Seth Green to appear at Wizard World L.A.. He joins fellow Whedon alum Summer Glau on Saturday March 15.

February 10 2008

Seth Green wins an Annie. He was recognised for his direction of Robot Chicken: Star Wars. Here's a clip of the programme (for UK viewers only) or try here. More...

December 20 2007

Joss is No. 26 on Top 100 People List. He made Pop Candy's Top 100 People of 2007. More...

December 03 2007

Seth Green Nominated for an Annie. These are the annual film awards for the best in animation. Seth is nominated for directing Robot Chicken. More...

November 26 2007

Seth Green voicing Mass Effect. If you've been playing the rather awesome space opera game for the Xbox 360 called Mass Effect and wondering who that familiar voice is, here's the answer. It's his outtakes.

November 20 2007

On the Picket Line with Seth Green and Alexis Denisof. IGN has a great article and photo gallery of stars on the picket line. Other than Seth and Alexis, there are also cast members and show runners from How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Office and more. Click on Seth's picture to access the photo gallery. More...

November 14 2007

Seth Green on the picket lines with Krispie Kreme Donuts. Seth Green not only attended "Bring-A Star-To Picket-With-You" day on the picket lines, but passed out donuts as well. More...

October 24 2007

(SPOILER) Green's Anatomy. Seth Green talks to Mike Ausiello about how he got the gig on Grey's Anatomy, the top two shows on his wish list, and why he doesn't think he'll get a job on Heroes. The link contains spoilers for other shows.

October 19 2007

(SPOILER) Mass Effect Voice Acting Videos Featuring Seth Green. Yet another high profile video game with one of our favorite actors in it! More...

October 18 2007

Sarah wrestles Freddie - and loses! Nice interview, with references to Buffy and Seth Green. More...

October 11 2007

Seth Green to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy. He's slated to appear as a patient in a two-episode arc, yet to be scheduled.

September 29 2007

Wired Goes Behind the Scenes of Robot Chicken. "Adult Swim's Low-Budget, High-Geek, Stop-Mo Hit".

September 22 2007

Paley Center for the Media presents "Inside Robot Chicken" in Los Angeles. Creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich will be present for the October 1st event, which includes a Q&A session. More...

September 18 2007

YouTube video of Seth Green at Family Guy Live last Saturday. More...

September 14 2007

Seth Green thinks you need to leave Chris Crocker ALONE. A Soup Web exclusive on MySpace. Watch, and laugh.

September 12 2007

Seth Green interview with The AV Club. Talks briefly about Oz and what led to his departure from the show.

September 05 2007

Seth Green on Adam Carolla. Seth Green, everyone's favorte werewolf on "Buffy", was on Adam Carolla's morning show on KLSX in Los Angeles. He plugs the new season of "Robot Chicken", and the Season 2 DVD set. The show's available on iTunes, but this page is where you can get it directly for all mp3 players.

August 31 2007

Seth Green on Leno Tonight. Seth Green is on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.

August 28 2007

Before They Were Famous: The 10 Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials. A couple of Buffy stars made it onto this amusing list of celebrity commercials, and it's definitely worth it to check out a teeny little brunette Buffy ragging on McDonalds (not to mention Seth's hair). More...

August 13 2007

"I've always just been kinda geeky". EW interviews Seth Green, mostly about "Robot Chicken", but Buffy is very briefly noted.

August 08 2007

Seth Green on All Things Considered. BtVS's Oz talks to NPR's Andrea Seabrook about his current project, Robot Chicken. More...

July 16 2007

Seth Green is going to the 'Dogs'. Although it's sad to say that he is not donning his wolfish attire again. However, he is joining the cast of Disney's Travlota-Williams comedy 'Old Dogs'.

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