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May 14 2017

'Timeless' gets cancelled and then uncancelled in a matter of days. One of the show's co-creators is Shawn Ryan who was a writer and producer on Angel.

May 01 2014

Talking to the producers of Showrunners: A Documentary Film. The producers talk about interviewing Joss Whedon and mention being in the Spartacus writer's room.

September 30 2013

The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith Podcast interviews Shawn Ryan and Jane Espenson. The Podcast includes interviews with other TV writers during WGA 101 Best Written TV Series announcement event last June and also the Panel discussions conducted during the event. More...

November 16 2012

ABC cancels 'Last Resort'. The show was created by Shawn Ryan and featured Dichen Lachman as a series regular.

May 11 2012

ABC picks up Shawn Ryan/Dichen Lachman thriller Last Resort. The drama series follows the crew of a submarine that takes to an island and declares themselves a nuclear state. More...

September 10 2011

Shawn Ryan lands a pilot at ABC. "Last Resort" is a thriller set in the near future. Also, there's now a petition up to get Shawn's short-lived Terriers on DVD.

September 09 2011

Why is TV losing women writers? Maureen Ryan investigates why the number of staffed female writers has been halved in the last five years. Features quotes from Whedon alums Jane Espenson and Shawn Ryan, and mentions Felicia Day. More...

September 04 2011

'Terriers' on DVD - a fan campaign. Did you like Shawn Ryan and Tim Minear's private eye show? Sad that it got cancelled? Want to see to see it get released on DVD? Well it's time for action then.

May 10 2011

Fox cancels 'The Chicago Code'. Shawn Ryan and Tim Minear's show is no more. Same for 'Human Target', 'Breaking In', 'Lie To Me' and 'Traffic Light'. More...

March 25 2011

Shawn Ryan interviewed on The /Filmcast. David Chen talks to the former Angel scribe about his current project, The Chicago Code as well as The Shield and the differences between writing for Network and Cable TV. Also includes brief mention and praise of Joss Whedon.

November 03 2010

Tim Minear's new show gets Fox premiere date. The Chicago Code (formerly Ride-Along) will air on February 7th.

October 28 2010

Keith Szarabajka was on Terriers last night. Now available on iTunes, watch Daniel Holtz in "Agua Caliente", in both standard and high definition.

October 01 2010

Shawn Ryan talks Terriers with Kelly Wheeler. In this entry from the official production blog from early last month. Ryan, of course, worked on Angel. And you might remember Wheeler as the production blogger on FOX's official Firefly site, back in the day.

August 13 2010

First trailer for Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan's Terriers. Former Angel writers Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan are teaming together for Terriers, a new detective show that will premiere September 8th on FX. More promos can be found here.

December 07 2009

Tim Minear becomes showrunner for Shawn Ryan's new show "Terriers". It's part of Tim's new two-year deal with 20th Century Fox.

August 31 2008

What I learnt from Joss Whedon by the creator of 'The Shield'. Shawn Ryan, former producer and writer on Angel, reveals what idea he "stole" from Joss for his own show.

July 12 2007

Cable's saving grace is women. Huge props given to Mutant Enemy alumn, Shawn Ryan, in this USA Today article about big name actresses making the jump to cable to get TV's best lead roles for women. More...

March 15 2006

Breaking the Story with Tim Minear. This issue of Creative Screenwriting magazine has articles involving former verse writers, Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan. If you're interested in how ideas are created behind the scenes and how writers minds work, this is an excellent read. More...

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