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July 10 2013

Happy Birthday, Ron Glass! Our favorite shepherd turns 68 today.

September 26 2010

Exploring Shepherd Book's back story. Zack Whedon and Scott Allie chat about "Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale".

July 31 2009

'Not Very Christian Of Me': The Escapist Faith of a Lost Shepherd in Firefly. If you want to refresh your memory about Shepherd Book, it'd do no harm to read this academic paper (PDF reader required). For my money, it's the definitive look at Ron Glass' character. More...

September 16 2008

12 weakest deaths in science fiction history. io9 list Shepherd Book at #12, "...he feels like a throwaway character in the movie, and his death is pretty pointless.". More...

December 13 2007

Shepherd Book's story will get told. Ron Glass announced at the Browncoat Cruise that Dark Horse will be bringing out a graphic novel called "A Shepherd's Tale". More...

January 02 2007

Jason Palmer's Shepherd Book print is now available. Shepherd Book is the fourth print to be released in the limited edition series. Already available are Mal, Zoe, River and Kaylee. Coming soon are Jayne, Wash, Inara, Simon and Serenity. An Operative print will also be available, but only when you order the complete set. More...

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