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July 24 2014

The Firefly cast will reunite for the Firefly Online game. The news was announced in the game developer's panel at Comic-Con this evening. The game will feature the entire cast, plus Alan Tudyk in multiple roles. Michael Fairman returns as Niska. More...

September 01 2013

The Avengers has won a Hugo! It won for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form. Sadly this means The Cabin In The Woods did not win. The link goes to the livestream for now.

July 17 2013

QMx announces Firefly/Serenity mobile game. Firefly Online is a "multi-user, social online role-playing game that will initially be available for smartphones and tablets, including those based on iOS and Android operating systems." More...

December 19 2008

New Official Firefly/Serenity T-shirts. I think my brother needs the "You are beginning to Damage my Calm" t-shirt. The Reavers! t-shirt will be great for Halloween! More...

April 19 2006

Adam B. hosts & Jewel S. voices on Done the Impossible Documentary. The production of the DVD is almost finish. There is a whole slew of extras listed besides the actual documentary, including DVD-ROM features(for the computer only). And it is announced that Adam Baldwin and Jewel Staite have contributed their talents to this. More...

March 31 2006

Browncoat Ball 2006. Fancy shindig coming up in September. Get your pretties ready. It's time to dance! More...

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