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July 03 2010

'Ultimate' Spike Available for pre-order. Latest release from the Tooned Up series. More...

July 21 2009

Sideshow previews 'Tooned-up' Faith. One of the new product announcements for Comic-con. More...

May 09 2008

Tooned Up Willow released. Sideshow releases Tooned Up Willow for preorder. Looks like her famous season 5 pose from the scene where she attacks Glory in Episode 19, "Tough Love". More...

February 08 2007

MWC reviews Sideshow's 12" Lorne figure with his usual attention to detail and a selection of big, clear photos.

July 18 2006

Sideshow 12" Lorne & Giles & a PF Spike too! Sideshow reveals Lorne at SDCC! And preview pictures on a 12" Giles and Premium Format Spike available now on Sideshow's website! More...

July 06 2006

Sideshow Cordelia available for pre-order! More pictures and details of what she comes with. More...

June 29 2006

Sideshow Cordelia. They gave us a tiny little hint over a month ago of what the new figure would be and here she is! From the "You're Welcome" Angel episode.

February 12 2006

Sideshow Premium Format Buffy Pictures! Sideshow's first statue for their brand new Buffy line. She's probably about 18-20" tall! Scroll down for photos. More...

February 10 2006

Sideshow Premium Format Buffy! Sideshow's new PF Buffy pictures leaked before Toy Fair announcement! More...

February 02 2006

Sideshow 'City Of' Angel preview. Sideshow's first figure for new Angel line. More...

January 06 2006

MWC's 2005 Best and Worst toys. Includes awards for Sideshow's Drusilla and Vampire Buffy, and No-Prizes for Diamond's Mal and the packaging on Palisade's Palz.

December 16 2005

Sideshow announce Angel 12" figure licence. Having already produced figures of Angel in their Buffy line, the company confirms that they have the licence for his show as well.

October 25 2005

Michael Crawford reviews Sideshow's 12" Vampire Buffy and Diamond Select's Buffy versus Dracula mini-bust over in his Movie Poop Shoot column too.

October 11 2005

Pre-production sculpts of Sideshow Vamp Buffy, Dru and Darla. See what the figures looked like before they were put together and painted.

September 16 2005

Sideshow Darla pre-order - New updated photos (looks much better) & it comes in both the red & blue outfits. Both are very limited, even the non-exclusive!

September 09 2005

Sideshow Darla Preview - Sideshow's latest figure is Darla from her BtVS days. More...

September 02 2005

Sideshow Oz - 12 inch Figure Review of Oz. More...

August 04 2005

Smashed & Wrecked photo story! Warning Adult Content! Main link goes to Smashed and here's the link to Wrecked. More...

July 14 2005

Sideshow Drusilla Pre-order now available - And there's a full picture of her and a description of the accessories she comes with. More...

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